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hi, i am 31 years old and my wwight is 65.4. for the last ten days i am on strict diet. and i am doing threadmill 60 minutes every day. i was loosing 300g every day. but last few days my weight is not coming done, though i am following same diet and same life style. i am really upset with this, but still continuing my effort. my intake of calorie remains less than 1000. i have completely stopped sugar and oil. having lots of fruits and veggies. in that also i am trying to have low calorie fruits and veggies. i do not know now what should i do so that my weight will come down as before.
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It is normal for weight loss to slow down after a while, and some do feel discouraged because of this. But if you continue with the diet you described and exercise regimen, you will continue to lose weight. If you want to kick up the speed of it, try a different cardio routine, like an elliptical or stairmaster. Working new muscles will force the body to work as hard as it was in the beginning.
Yes, as many will tell you, your metabolism will slow down if you starve your body, so please make sure you are nourished enough. Keep up the hard work! You will get there!
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Thanks a lot for ur valuable advice . i will continue my routine like this and will make a little changes in my excericse. i will let u know the result.
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Oh I have this same problem a lot.  So far into a diet/workout regimen the weight loss starts to grind to a halt until it just stops altogether.  What I do to break mine is about what BeeFree said.  Slow down on the exercise and start your "maintain" diet.  In my case it consists of about the same diet I used to get there, but with more discretionary snacks during the day, meals out with other people during the diet week and I am able to resume drinking on the weekend.

  You will gain back weight but your muscles will also grow bigger that your feeding them.  After an off period of at least a month.  When you start back up you will lose every pound you gained and your going to keep going under the weight your stuck at now.  
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hi, today i lost 700g and feeling so good. what i did s i followed same diet , and 60 min threadmill , and i did some situps, and massage. . it made a  big difference. thanks a lot for ur advice and support.
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