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Why aren't I losing weight?

Hi all, 37 yr old female, healthy overall, no meds apart from 20mg of LEXAPRO. I have gained about 30 lbs without real cause, and I cannot lose the weight despite good old eating healthfully and exercise. I mean walking 4 miles per day. Recent CBC showed no thyroid issues, sugar is ok, etc. What could it be? Doc thinks Lexapro made me gain, could it also be the reason I can't lose?? Thank you!
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Probably the Lexapro.  Some people have this reaction to antidepressants.  I gained a lot on Paxil.  Lexapro isn't as known for this, but it can happen on a host of medications.  You can either taper off and look for another med, you can try adding wellbutrin to it which helps some people with weight issues, you can try altering your diet and exercising harder if you're able than walking which, while a great form of safe exercise, isn't as taxing as more aerobic exercise or hard resistance workouts.  It is a relatively safe form, though.  Good luck.
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A CBC won't show thyroid issues... you have to have a specific thyroid panel that includes, Free T4, Free T3 and TSH in order to rule out a thyroid condition.  Even with that, it may not necessarily rule it out completely...
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