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wanting to lose weight

Hi everyone! Im really wanting to lose some weight atleast 30 pounds I would be very happy. I just have a poor eating habit and I dont really get to exercise much. Im going to start going bike riding when I get my bike fixed and going for walks nightly. Im just wondering if theirs any good diets that are fast, cheap and actally work? I have no idea how to eat healthy so thats a lot of my problem and my lack of exercise dont help witch im trying to fix. I dont really have any money so thats another problem. I see diet stuff all the time I just dont know how well they actally work, if their safe and their always pretty expensive. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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Hi Curly03

Diet stuff doesn't work very well not for permanent weight loss. Even if you lose some weight using these products, once you go off them, I've heard you usually gain the weight back. I'm sure you're aware of this, but it's a
good idea to tell your doctor you want to go on a diet and ask your doctor
what he/she thinks about that. With atleast 30 pounds to lose, you'll
probably want to ask your doctor for a referral to a dietician. You say you
have no idea how to eat healthy. A dietician will assist you with this problem.
That's what I did. My doctor gave me a referral to a dietician and because it's through a doctor, the dietician should be free, hopefully. Atleast that's the way it is in Canada. I found her very helpful. I don't go to see her anymore.
She helped me so much that I don't need to go anymore. Hope my post has been helpful for you, Curly 03.
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I totally agree that diet aids don't work very well, and if you do manage to lose weight on them, it's usually gained back as soon as you stop them.

Unfortunately, our health system is different from that in Canada and dieticians can be very expensive.  It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about a new diet, but if you stick with healthy foods, such as veggies, lean meats, low fat dairy, whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, etc you will get the nutrients you need and if you watch portion sizes you won't get so many calories.

If you eat junk food - chips, candy, cookies, cakes, crackers, etc, stop.  Exchange those for raw veggies or fruits, a handful of nuts or seeds, a boiled egg, carton of yogurt - anything with high protein and/or fiber and low fat, but don't leave out fat, because we need some to be healthy.

If you're walking nightly, that's great; make sure you go at a brisk pace to get maximum benefit.  Bike riding is great and there are also other exercises that you can do, also, such as yoga, zumba, dance, etc.  They're all fun and good for you.

Good luck and let us know how we can  help you further.
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Hi Barb,
I just finished reading the return post you wrote to Curly03. I'm glad you agree that diet aids don't work very well and to talk to your doctor before
beginning a new diet. Your idea to have daily walks is a good one. Now
that the weather is getting better and spring is here, I think I may start going on walks again. I think I've finally convinced my husband to start
going for walks with me again. Thank you for writing such an enjoyable
post with very helpful suggestions.
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I've known people to lost weight on diet aids and most of them not only gain back with they lost, but many gain much more.  My daughter and her husband are prime examples.  Their doctor put them on phentermine and yes they did lose weight, but within weeks of discontinuing the phentermine, they'd both gained back considerably more than they'd lost. Now they're planning to go back on it again.  What a waste!!  

If the diet is not modified and some exercise incorporated, weight loss is not going to be a permanent thing.

Walking is very good exercise and I'm fortunate enough to live in an area that doesn't get horribly cold very often, so I can walk year 'round, except in the hottest part of the summer.

Great that your husband may walk with you; it seems to be more enjoyable when there's someone along to talk to.  My husband, however, would not be a good walking partner, because he only wants to "stroll", which doesn't burn many calories. LOL

Have you thought about trying yoga or zumba? You can watch videos on YouTube to get an idea of what they're like if you're not familiar with them.

Thank you for your kind words.
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Hi, thanks for the advice! I have been walking nightly with my boyfriend and Im already a fast walker so you would think I would burn the fat pretty easy but it seems it likes to stick with me. LOL. Back in 2010 I was really sick because of my gallbladder and lacking vitimins. I lost a lot of weight but I was to sick to really enjoy it. I finally got my gallbladder taken out feb 2011. Since I was able to eat I slowly started gaining the weight back. Now since its been cold I havent been getting much exercise and I never eat right so I gained more weight then what I use to weigh before I was sick. Now Im determined to get some exercise and eat better. Your post was helpful and I do know a dieatician if I think I might need some help I might talk to her. The problem is theirs not much healthy stuff I do like to eat  but I guess thats one of the things you have to sacrafice on dieting. I also have an exercise ball I used and i went swimming yesterday. My legs have been sore from the exercise ball so I know its a good workout. I also did some yoga from youtube I will be checking out zumba soon as well.
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Eating healthy is the most important part of a diet; it will not only help you lose weight, it will keep you healthy in other ways, as well.  

You were probably deficient in vitamins, because of your diet. The proper food will provide you with many vitamins/minerals you need.  Proper food will also help prevent diseases as you get older, as well; these could include diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc and they all carry specific risks.

You don't have to sacrifice everything you like to eat healthy, though if you're living on pizza, donuts, potato chips and sodas you're going to have a very hard time losing, no matter how much exercise you get.

You might also want to get your thyroid tested to make sure you have adequate hormones.

You don't have to make yourself sore, to get a good workout. If you make yourself sore, you're less likely to exercise the next day, because the muscles still hurt.  Moderation is the key in everything.
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People would often say that once your into diet pills, you'll always be dependent in it and would still face the same problem of being overweight over and over again as consumers won't change their lifestyle to a healthy one when their on weight loss pills. 'the motivation of seeing oneself into a state of being fit can be a good drive enough to change and to do something about their unhealthy diet. Continue with your hurdles on losing weight and take it one step at a time.
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I've been using a diet tracker and calorie counter called My Fitness Pal for about 10 months. It created a calorie goal for me based on my height, current weight, and goal weight. I log in my food and exercise everyday and I have lost 55.5 pounds so far. It just makes you aware of the things that you put in your mouth.
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I've been exercising outdoors my entire life.  It's just easier, less expensive, and less time consuming to just walk out the door and go for a walk/run/bike.  When I was younger, that is the only thing I needed to do to stay the recommended weight for my height and body structure.  But as I got older, it doesn't matter how much I exercise, I HAVE to watch what I eat.  I knew what healthy foods I should eat, and I knew what portion size I should eat.  But I always felt hungry.  I went to weight watchers and found it to be a GREAT help.  You get great ideas for recipes, and for healthy snacks that taste great and fill you up.  I only had to go for 12 weeks and I lost 35 pounds, (quite easily - can you believe it?)  Now I have a lifetime membership, which means I can attend meetings for free as long as I stay within my goal weight.  I don't go, but would definitely start attending if I felt I needed to.  If you have anything like that by you, I would recommend going.  Also, to all of you who think you can't exercise throughout the winter months, YOU CAN!  And it is great!  You just learn to dress for it.  And I took up cross country skiing, which makes winter even more enjoyable!  So don't let the weather deter you from getting out and exercising.  It is so great to be outdoors!  I love it!
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Curly:  recent personal experience for me:  I'm really old, but over the last 5 months, I have lost 34 lbs, and it's been so easy.  I always exercised a lot, but over time, my weight crept up.  Then somebody told me a "rule-of-thumb" that really changed my approach:   "Weight control is 80% diet relatedt, 20% exercise related."  I have no idea if that theory has been "medically-tested," or not, but  I decided i'd been too focused on activity and not enough on diet.  So I went on the simplest diet in the world.  Hardest thing about it:  eat every three hours.  Healthy food of course, but eating that often, you just don't get hungry.  Plus, your metabolism keeps churning all the time.  That's basically six meals a day during the waking hrs.  I still exercise a lot, but my weight's under control now.    Oh, no "diet plan" or "weight loss products" involved.  I do drink a couple of protein shakes every day, but that's because otherwise, I'd never get around to six meals!  Another thing:  before, I ate out every night.  Now, I do that only on special occasions.  That's saving me about $300 a month, also.  One other key:  lots of water, all day long.
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Hi best advice is to eat smaller portions, don't skip mealsand eat healthy...if need be see a dietitian see helped my husband lose 36## since February 5 by teaching me how to cook healthy and most of all see taught me that he needed a small amount of sweets a week
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Hi best advice is to eat smaller portions, don't skip mealsand eat healthy...if need be see a dietitian see helped my husband lose 36## since February 5 by teaching me how to cook healthy and most of all see taught me that he needed a small amount of sweets a week
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