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my husband is planning on eventually getting the pill for quiting smoking..then plans on trying to lose weight.  He's already so overweight, atleast 60++++? plus he's most likely diabetic.  Ive heard that the pill is effective but also the side effects are bad... what should he do? he said everything else doesnt work. he's been smoking off and on since he was 14..he's now 37..any helpful ideas?
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When you say "the pill" to quit smoking, do you mean Chantix? I used it to quit 5 yrs ago and had no trouble with it, at all; however, my husband started on it, then read the possible side effects, got scared and quit taking it.  I have not had a cigarette for 5 yrs, he still smokes. Keep in mind the side effects are not inevitable; some people get them, some don't.

The drawback to Chantix is that it's expensive and is not covered by insurance...... insurance companies would rather cover the diseases caused by smoking than a cessation program...... go figure.

Since many/most people gain weight when they quit smoking, your husband should start trying to lose, now, particularly if you think he might be diabetic or even pre-diabetic, which can be reversed.

He needs to eat plenty of lean protein, such as chicken, fish, other lean meats, low/no fat dairy, beans, etc.  He should also center most of his meals around veggies, which are very low in calories (leave off the sauces and use oils and herbs for seasoning).  Veggies also have tons of fiber, which will help keep tummy troubles at bay.  Limit fruit to about 1-2 servings/day, since most fruit has a lot of sugar, which can be turned to fat, very quickly, if not used for energy. Make sure it's whole fruit vs fruit juice, because with whole fruit, you get the added bonus of the fiber. Try to stick with apples, pears, etc, which have less sugar and more fiber.

In addition, don't forget the "good" fats, which include nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, etc.  I'm not real fond of the taste of olive oil, so instead, I used sesame, sunflower or safflower oils. They have the same good qualities without the taste.  Make the switch from products made with white refined flour to those made from whole grains, such as whole grain bread or pasta, brown rice instead of white.  Use Stevia in place of sugar -- it's calorie free, is actually even sweeter than sugar but won't spike blood sugar levels.

Of course, portions need to be limited, except veggies, which are pretty much considered "free", with the exception of the starchy ones, like corn, white potatoes, green peas, etc.

AND, don't forget the exercise...... 30 minutes/day of something he enjoys, whether it be walking, swimming, biking, yoga, going to the gym, etc.

Last, but not least, I'd strongly recommend that he get his thyroid tested, because hypothyroidism can really sabotage weight loss.  Best to know up front, if that's a concern.  He needs to get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tested.  

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Thankyou so much for the insight! My hubby thinks the medicine is covered under his insurance..that will be an eye opener if it isnt... will need to start saving his money I guess. :) his uncle took it and had no side effects. as far as foods go and excercise we will need to grocery shop together and pick out leaner meats! he's a meat and potato man! lol thanks again!
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When I was on Chantix, I was told that there were no insurance companies that covered it, but keep in mind, that was 5 yrs ago and they may have figured out that it's less expensive to help people stop smoking than it is to treat their illnesses.

If it's not covered by insurance, he  might look into the "E-cigarette".  I've heard that some people have luck with it; others don't.

Unfortunately, I'm a meat and potatoes person, as well, so it's really hard to change habits. I love my steak and baked potato or mashed potatoes and gravy. I'm a firm believer than a diet that forces us to give up everything we like, will fail, so do eat them, but try to limit portions.

Truthfully, though, lean meats actually taste better than the fatty ones, plus you're getting meat, not all that saturated fat.

One thing I found very easy to do was switch to whole grains, which does make a difference.

Making small changes that we can stick with for the long haul, is much better than trying to change everything all at once.

Best of luck to your husband; keep us posted on progress.
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