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Unintentional Weight Loss & Fibromyalgia

I am a 31 year old women who has also been of a slim frame.  I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain through my joints.  I am trying many herbal remedies and have been to see a Kinesiologist who has really helped me as it took approx 5 years to diagnoise me. I thought I was going insane as I was told over and over again nothing was showing up in my blood!.  Eventually I was diagnoised which is great because now I know what I am dealing with.  I have started light excercise, changed my diet and I am going down the route of self help.  Unfortunately I have lost a lot of weight which I can't afford to loose.  I have also been diagnosed with helicobater pylori caused by bacteria which causes an ulcer.  This has been treated by antibiotics.  Due to teh fibromyalgia I have also developed IBS which has been a problem since day one.  My eating has changed as I have began eating all the "right" foods and I am eating small portions more often.  Can anyone give me advice on weight gain do you think is is something more sinister?   It is a pretty drastic weight loss in a short space of time
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A combination of IBS, ulcers, and chronic pain can cause weight loss, but now that you seem on the road to recovery, it's a good idea to touch base with your doctor on safe weight gain as well as whether there are any other lurking causes of your weight loss (like hyperthyroidism).  One recommendation is to incorporate small meal supplements (like Ensure) into your meals - these are generally healthy and are higher in calories.  Take care.
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