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weight problem

Dear Doctor

I am sorry for my poor wording.  I am a pretty big lady, no matter I can fit in the Size S top, but my arms and bottom are strong and big.  I am a chinese Canadian.

My question is , I wanna to go back (all time low) 118lbs, but no matter how hard I workout and control my portion and fat intake, I gain back few pounds, and go up to 126lbs.  Although I can fit in the same dress and pants(when I was 118lbs).  Do you have any idea for my problem?

I always feel sad, if I am tired to workout twice a day, or 6 days a week.  But if I am going to relax, not really care and control the food and workout, I still can keep the weight not gain too much so.

thank you for your time and care of me.  Have a nice weekend.
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Hi. I really do understand your misery. Although you have not mentioned your precise age, I would suggest that abnormal weight gain could also be due to certain diseases of the body that might present with the symptoms of abnormal weight gain. I would suggest you visit your doctor and get yourself checked for causes that could cause weight gain, hormonal imbalances being an example of such disorders.
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