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Hi Everyone, I am new to this group but I am a 50 year member of trying to lose weight.  I have tried so many diets during my life time as well as fighting weight thru-out my 20 years serving in the Marines.  It's kind of funny, from running everyday of over 20 years in the military to getting out...stopped smoking and putting on serious weight from 180 lbs to 280 lbs.  Well, I am now working to remove that weight again.  I have started a VLCD intorduced to me by my daughter in September 2010.  Since that time I am now down to 224 lbs and hope to maintain before I start the VLCD again.  I am here for support...so to all of us trying to lose weight...happy releases.
If you want to friend me, please do...I welcome all positive people and I should start my Journal/Blogs soon.

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