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20 Ibs in 13 weeks...

Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but not MedHelp. I have a son who is now almost 21 months and I still have baby weight to lose!!! UGH - to be back at pre preggo weight I must lose 27 Ibs. I have set a goal for 20 Ibs by November 15 (Marine Corp. Ball). I have endo and PCOS.... which PCOS doesn't help any weight matters any :( I have taken clomid for numerous months which doesn't help either. I was also on a steroid to control my PCOS.... see where I'm going lol? So, here I am. Sick of meds to get preggo again... and off all meds except vitamins. I need some advice on losing the weight at about 1 1/2 to 2 Ibs a week... I NEED TO STAY MOTIVATED!!! We have a treadmill but after about a week on it, it hurts my knees, we also have an ab lounger, gazelle and stationary bike. I think I may try to find my rollerblades and break those out.... Oh, who knows! I'm starting either tomorrow or def. Monday..... My current weight is about 165 and I'm 5'5"...
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PCOS and steroids WILL make things tough, as you know.  I have a close friend with PCOS, and I was just recently on a course of oral steroids for a different matter.  

The biochemistry happening in our bodies from hormonal conditions and steroid treatments can result in lots of appetite control issues.  When I was on steroids, I kept a lot of veggies and NO crackers or starchy snacks around.  Because I was aware of the risks, I fared ok and continued to lose weight during the (15 day) treatment.

Hopefully your awareness of your unique challenges will help you.  Stop by anytime for support, ideas, or just to keep your hands busy in a calorie-free way!  Have you checked out the trackers and journals you can use on MedHelp?  Both help me in many ways.

Good Luck & tTake Care
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I hope your knee is ok.  How did you hurt it?  Use ice for the first 24-48 hours, then heat.  If it doesn't get better promptly, see your doctor.

I'm a klutz and injure myself frequently.  Get a good set of hand weights and a resistance band, and use this time for upper body work.

Man, I hate it when people tell me to do that, though.  
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Well, I've been good on the exercise and watching what I eat... one problem - I hurt my knee yesterday. I can bend it just fine but to completely extend it hurts soooo bad :-( I can walk with a bit of a limp but, as long as I don't extend my knee completely and don't put all my weight on it... UGH!!! Why do I have bad genetics????
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You've already taken the most important step--recognizing you have something to address, defining the terms, and making a beginning plan.  What you propose seems very doable and reasonable.

If you're just coming off steroids, give things a little time to settle down.  You should lose a fair bit of water weight simply by stopping the steroids.  Your appetite should settle down, too.  I'm always ravenous when I have to take steroids for asthma flares!

Since you have some equipment, you're better off than a lot of people.  The most important advice I can give you is not to make an exercise plan that you don't enjoy, and won't keep up with in the long run.  A big reason why people can lose interest in diet and exercise is too much of both!    You can lose interest and motivation if you are doing so much that it seems like a chore.

When I first started an exercise program, I committed to just twice a week.  In the past, planned exercise has NOT been something I enjoyed.  However, once I began a planned program of varied exercise, I found I enjoyed it so much I'm doing things all the time.  Click on my name, and look at my Weight Tracker to see how many activities I do.  

But my commitment to it remains the same--twice a week.  That's a rock bottom minimum for me.  I do much more, but I will never allow myself to do less than that.  

It's much the same for your eating program.  Don't make drastic changes that you are unhappy with, and that are unlivable.  Begin with small changes--often, cutting out fast food (or decreasing it to once a week) is a good start.  Then keep a food journal--what are you eating every day?  Are you getting the recommended amounts of fruits/veggies/dairy/protein/complex carbs?  Even healthy fats in small quantities are needed for our bodies to run well for a lifetime.

Make changes you can live with.  As we age, the pounds do seem to creep up with ease.  Everyone should pay attention to the fuel they take in, and be sure its the healthiest possible.  Enjoy some treats, but within reason.

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Thanks Ranae :-) Hubby is in the basement right now cleaning it up and putting up the equipment. I don't have access to a pool, wish I did though! I'm not quite sure why I put down 5'5", I'm actually 5'6"... I have always loved being taller than my sister!!
So tomorrow is the beginning of the workout regimen... at least hubby will be doing it with me :) I'm hoping that once I start losing the weight, at least half of it will come off easily (wishful thinking I know...) before I hit that weight loss plateau...

How did you learn so much about weight loss (well duh... but how did you get started)?
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Hi Sweetie ~ Welcome to the Weight Loss & Dieting Community; it's great to have you here!  Hope you'll stay with us and allow us to share in your weight loss journey.

Using your information (21 years old, current weight of 165, 5 ft 5 in, and guessing moderate physical activity, you should need approximately 2,100 calories to maintain your current weight.  Since it takes a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound, if you lower your calories by 500 daily, leaving you with 1,600 calories, you should lose approximately 1 lb per week.  By the way, this is the recommended amount of weight to lose each week, which would put you losing 20 lbs (12% of your body weight) by 01/10/09.  Think this may be a more attainable goal.

Remember, the above calorie allocation already takes into consideration moderate exercise.  You can create an additional calorie deficit by adding more exercise, but don't overdo it.  An example .. if you do 1/2 of aerobics, you can burn approximately 250 calories and, if done 5 days a week, you will come close to an additional 1/2 pound per week .. probably 1 pound every 3 weeks.  

Would highly recommend you journal your food intake so can be aware and hold yourself accountable for you daily calorie count.  If you have difficulty losing the weight, that journal will be helpful if you'd like me to review and provide any additional suggestions.

As for the exercise, you may want to try bicycling as it is easier on the knees than a treadmill and walk as tolerated.  Do you have access to a swimming pool?  Swimming and pool exercises are great for minimizing joint stress and the water provides a natural resistance.  The ab lounger and gazelle can also be put to good use and don't forget to try new things ... aerobics, hoola hoop, belly dancing ... even those roller blades!  Changing your exercise every day or two will help keep your muscles in a state of confusion, which is where you will receive the most benefit from your effort.

Now .. motivation ... here's a few things that helped me ...


Hope this gives you a place to start.  Would love to keep in touch.  Please let me know how I can help.  I BELIEVE IN YOUUUUUU!!!!  :]

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