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Anti depressants and overeating

I was recently put on anti depressants due to my large amount of stress in my life at this time. The problem is I have been taking these pills for almost a week now and I stay hungry. I can eat and eat and eat and I still feel like I haven't eaten!

Should I change the pills or is there something I can eat that won't cause weight gain and make me feel full?
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He put me on Lexapro and gave me Xanax to help with anxiety attacks.

I figured I would give it 2 weeks and if I continue to feel nonstop hungry then I will call the doctor and get on something else.
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What did they put you on?

Some pills will have that side effect and others will have the opposite. Everyone is affected differently, so it's best to talk with your DR about this.

I have been on Cymbalta and when I first started it 2 or so yrs ago, I actually lost weight the first 4-6 weeks. Once my body got used to it, that NEAT side effect stopped!

Try eating things high in fiber as fiber is supposed to help fill you up.
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