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As a vegetarian....

As a vegetarian I am looking for a good weight loss plan, I haven't honestly forums one yet. I know that I already eat "normal diet" stuff but I am looking to lose 25lbs.....I thought that there might be another vegetarian here with a suggestion.
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HI to both!
Great suggestion, however, I can't see how anyone can do a carb-free diet
after lunch without going ...bunkers, lol! Tough one and a bit too drastic.
There's simply not enough vegetarian foods that work for such a plan in a sustainable way. Perhaps a modified approach may work better for you.
This doctor is likely not a vegetarian.

Whatever you do, do not choose : Low fat, fat-free, sugar-free, diet anything! These products are usually loaded with other substances which are simply bad for you.  Artificial sugars are something to look out for!
Choose single ingredient food items and cook from scratch.
This way you maintain control of what goes into your body!

Best wishes to both and please keep in mind: Easy does it !
Aim for consistent and gradual improvement.
It works much better in the long rum.


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Thanks! @MsCASM I hadn't heard that either and will definitely try it !
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Wow you got a great answer above! Thanks for posting. I'm a veg too and I was just going to say watch the carbs and have a protein shake as a snack or for breakfast. My doc suggested no carbs after lunch as an easy rule. Good luck!
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Thanks so much for your help.....some of these things I do already and some i don't! I appreciate the time you took to answer my question!
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Well I was a vegetarian for a few years and I did very well, but my metabolic type indicates I should include some animal and fish based protein.

Nonetheless, I know enough about nutrition and weight loss to give you a few tips.
A few things worth mentioning:
---Calories from carbs contribute greatly to weight gain  if a big percentage of your calories comes from breads, pastas, grains etc.
Because your protein comes from  foods which contain a high number of
carbs (most of complete proteins come from food combining in vegetarian diets) it could be an issue.
--- Protein has 4 calories per gram and about 25% of the calories from protein are lost due to heat/metabolism. This is called Thermic effect.
--- Carbs also have 4 calories per gram and only  about 6% of calories from carbs are lost  due to heat/metabolism.
--- This creates a caloric differential of 19% !!!

By switching to let's say to food items with higher protein value and lower
carb value, without increasing fat intake much, you will easily create a calorie deficit.
If your weight is 50 kilograms, you can go up to 50 kg x 1.5 grams/per kg = 75 gr of protein daily maximum.

The idea is not to lose weight, but rather to lose fat.
I forbid you to use a scale!    Just kidding!!!
Realistically, you should use your belt and your clothing, to gauge your
Actually, increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat, should be your ultimate goal. And no you won't look like a bodybuilder by any means
unless you spend 8 hours a day in the weight room pumping iron.
You will have  nice muscle tone and you'll be proud to wear a bikini at the beach.
My suggestion is to GRADUALLY increase aerobic and weight-bearing exercises ( alternate daily-sundays off)
Muscle tissue increases metabolism, so you will burn more calories
when you add some more muscle.

Vibration machines are designed for faster fat loss and muscle toning, but
at first one should start at low intensity and for only 10 minutes.

I do about 20-30 minutes 5 x a week on a vibration machine,
2 hours weight training 3 x a week and
aerobic/endurance 1.5 hours 4 x a week
All this allows me to  eat  whatever I like, as long as l cook it from scratch using fresh and healthy ingredients, which also includes a glass of wine with dinner every day!
No desserts, no take out, no convenience foods, no junk and low carb
as much as possible-mainly from fresh vegetables/salads and only some from brown rice, potatoes and whole grains.
I also take a pea isolate protein powder drink with minerals and multivitamins 750 ml before, during  and after my workouts.
On exceptions I'll do a little dessert, pizza, eating out, etc.

Losing 1/2 lb of fat and gaining 1/8th lb muscle per week is very achievable and it will reduce your weight by about 20 lbs but will add about
6.5 lbs of muscle in about a year. Very safe and sustainable.
You will not only look better, but you will feel amazing!

Watch out for "unnecessary" carbs and fats.
I use coconut oil for cooking (it does not store as fat! in the body and has slightly less calories than other fats) which has incredible health benefits and it boosts metabolism!
Olive oil is great for drizzling over veggies or salad dressings, but be stingy with it and add herbs and vinegar or lime/lemon juice to enhance flavor.

Make sure you drink plenty of spring water 1 hour away from meals.

I hope this helps.


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