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Hello! For starters, I am a 17 yr. old female, 4'10 tall, and weigh 130 pounds. I am not happy with my body at all, nor is it in a healthy shape. I've heard about so many different diets and exercise programs, but I'm kind of lost as to how I should go about losing weight, and how to achieve my goals. I want to lose at least 30 pounds, and tone up my thick-as-tree-trunks thighs (as well as ALL parts of my body.) Here are my questions:
1. What are some effective exercises that aren't too painful? (I've tried running, but my feet and knees kill me after a short period of time. Am I doing something wrong? How can I ease myself into it?)
2. What's an effective, healthy diet plan I can follow? (I'm willing to do anything, as long as it will show results, is healthy, and not too expensive.)
Any other advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
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I suggest trying Atkins or the Paleo diet.

Circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than typical weight training workouts. You can easily do circuit training workouts at home or at the gym on your own. Workouts last 30 to 45 minutes each and use either dumbbells, resistance bands or just your own body weight as a resistance.

You're  doing a series of exercises one after another in a circuit without taking any breaks in between the exercises. You will do both weight training exercises such as pushups, situps and squats, and aerobic exercises such as jumping jacks, jumping rope and burpees. Each exercise is done for a set amount of time, I suggest 30 seconds, or a set amount of repetitions. After you have performed the full circuit, take a short break to recover and drink water, then do the circuit again. Circuit training is an excellent way for women to strengthen their muscles and burn fat.

Always start your circuit training workout with a 5-10-minute warm-up. This prepares your muscles for the workout and helps prevent injury. Great warm-up exercises to do at home include jumping rope, jumping jacks, running and bicycling. Circuit training can be a very vigorous exercise depending on the intensity at which you do the exercises. If you feel light-headed at any point, stop immediately and sit down. Drink plenty of water between circuits and listen to your body don't overdo it!!

This routine uses your own body weight as resistance and it's easy to do at home. After a warm-up, repeat the following exercises for 45 seconds each: squat jumps, pushups, jumping rope, tricep dips, lunges, jumping jacks, abdominal crunches and burpees. Give yourself 15 seconds to move from one exercise to another, but do not take any additional breaks. Do the exercises as fast as you can, trying to keep up a high intensity throughout the circuit. After one full circuit, take a three- to five-minute break before repeating the circuit again two more times. The whole workout will take 40 to 50 minutes with the warm-up.

This workout includes exercises you do with dumbbells and a fitness ball. Repeat each exercise for 45 seconds or do 20 to 30 repetitions. Pick the weights for each exercise accordingly; you do not want weights that are too heavy or too light. Some exercises involve two moves at the same time, such as lunges and bicep curls. Do the following exercises: lunges and biceps curls, seated shoulder presses on the fitness ball, squat jumps, bench presses, abdominal crunches on the fitness ball, deadlifts, bent-over rows, tricep curls and burpees. Again, allow yourself 15 seconds to move from one exercise to another. Repeat the circuit three times and take a three- to five-minute break between the circuits.
If you google each exercise you should be able to see how each is performed.

The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between. Ideally you’ll be sprinting or cycling full throttle for 30 seconds with a 90 second cool down in between each outburst.
This is the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body. Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I encourage you to visit Dr Mercola’s site to learn more about Peak 8 fitness because I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle.
I highly recommend you read this article and watch the videos on the page. It will give you all the information you need to know about Peak 8 – Flood Your Body With This “Youth Hormone” In Just 20 Minutes.
What you eat after Peak 8 training does matter!
It’s recommended that you do not eat sugar or carbohydrate for 2 hours after the Peak 8 exercise because these foods can impact the release of the growth hormone in the body. The links are




Figure your heart rate by this formula
The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone.
The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work
most effectively during your cardio workouts.
First thing in the morning before you get out of bed have a clock with a second hand and check your resting heart rate then figure your rate by the Karvonen Formula
The following link will help you figure your heart rate by the Karvonen Formula.


You burn 30 percent more fat from doing cardio after a weights session as opposed to cardio on its own
Don't worry about building muscle! you won't look like a man. :>)

For your thighs,
Weight train your lower body at least twice each week. While this won't burn much fat, it will develop your lower body muscles, creating an appearance of increased leanness. At each session, select five exercises from the following! squat, front squat, hack squat, split leg squat, leg press, lunge, leg extension, leg curl, standing calf raise and seated calf raise. For each exercise, complete between three and four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions, resting for a maximum of 60 seconds between sets.
Google the exercises to see how to perform them.

Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!!!
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If there's a drugstore with a fat percentage measuring gadget freely available for customers to use, I urge you avail yourself of that service [it helps finetune what your healthy target weight ought to be].

If you lose weight fast, in a couple of years you'll probably gain it all back and then some (also known as "yo yo dieting", very hard on our bodies and rather mood shattering).  Try not to lose more than one or two pounds per week at most (slower is better and more likely to stick with you -- think, lifestyle change, not quick fix).  Basic homecooked simple foods give you more control and are less compelling to eat than convenience, processed and junk foods.  Keep in mind that every spoonful & forkful you eat beyond the need to satisfy your hunger at meals, may be adding to your waistline (don't aim for being full, learn to be satisfied with not being hungry after having a meal).

Activity (just being on your feet and upright, rather than sitting) burns a respectable number of calories, it may take a while to gradually get used to that level of activity for say half you day if that's not been your custom.  You'll not keep up exercise if you don't enjoy it and you certainly do not want to risk overuse injuries.  I suggest at first just stick with walking, brisk walking if you're up for it, and once you're feeling very fit, only then contemplate something a bit more ambitious like maybe jogging at times.
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