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Exercise for Thighs

ive always been on the chubby side and have thick thighs, i really do. which i hear is the hardest thing to lose.
i used to be a runner and a volleyball player so my thunder thighs basically turned to fat, but not the jiggly type.
i want to lose it and get one of those skinny legs without getting injections or anything.
i know its very hard almost impossible but any exercise you recommend?

oh, another thing, is there any exercise for losing upper ab fat?
yes my upper abs became fat too because i didnt exercise. :[
pleasee answerrr. thank you!
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You can't really "spot reduce", but general exercise and losing weight from the entire body will definitely help.  Walking is good for both the abs and the legs, actually the entire body!!  

I've always had rather thick thighs also and I believe that walking does about as good as anything.  
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Riding the exercise bike has definitely tones my legs well but I still have a layer of fat on them but they are much nicer.
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