I have read the comments on the HCG but know has answer the question regarding the food they ate on this diet and why is it a secret? In addiction this question has been asked on this website put know has responded to the question of the food protocol. Can anyone give me a strait answer to what is the protocol for the food on this diet?

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If you want to lose weight on the HCG diet you do have to follow the food protocol. It is not easy i will tell you that first off. You are restricted to 500 calories a day. Generally you get 100 grams of meat for lunch and a hand full of veggies, then the same for dinner. Meat and veggies are best if they are organic or all natural. I can find all natural fish and chicken in my area but beef so I just get what I can. The portion is more important. For meat chicken, flounder, halibut, veal or beef are all okay. Make sure you trim off all fat before cooking and use NO oil, butter etc, for cooking, I use cooking spray. Also the 100 grams need to be weighted raw. You can get a scale under $20 at most any store. Veggies that are allowed are spinach, chard, beet greens, lettuces of any kind, tomatos, celery, fennel, white, yelloe and red onions, red radishes, cucumbers, aspargus or cabbage. Again if you can get orgainic it is stated to be better for this diet. You are also allowed one small organic apple, small organic grapefruit or a hand full of strawberries. You can have this 2x per day either with your meals or as a snack. I eat mine mid morning and mid afternoon. I stick to 2 apples per day i found they are the most filling an help regulate blood sugar levels the best. You may season any of the food with the juice of a 1/2 of lemon, white/black pepper, raw apple cider vinager, sea salt, garlic, basil, parsely, or thyme but absolutly no oil, better, dressings, or anything else.

You will also want to drink a gallon of water per day, yes you will be going pee about every half hour! Also you can drink and sre encouraged to drink as much organic tea as possible. Oolong tea, Yerba Mate tea, Chamomile tea and green tea are suggested. I drink a minimum of three cups per day. You can add cinnimon to yout tea if desired. it is also good on your apples.

You may know this but it is also suggested that you do not use any lotions while on the protocol. I am a product junkie since my profession is in beauty products, I don't know what was harder in the beginning no lotions or only 500 a day. I did get a bottle or organic body lotion and do use it ocationally becasue my leags and arms get really dry if I do not apply something atleast a couple times a week. Also they suggest no medications prescrition or over the counter. I have been taking allergy meds, and tylenol when needed. When I started this dite I had a severe headache for almost a week, but lost 7 pounds that week so to me it was worth it.

I have cheated a few times and it makes a huge difference if you eat something that you are not suppose to. Oh I did foregt absolutly NO fast food! That is hwere I cheated thinking I would still be safe. I had Chili from Wendys one day and still stayed in my 500 calories maybe slightly over and on another day had two chicken fresco tacos from taco bell still satying within my calories that day as well and gained both days. Needless to say I wanted to kick myself for cheating but when you have small kids and are bust running sometimes it jsut has to be done.

Pointers would be if you are going to cheat due to time restraints then do not go overboard with burgers, fries, pizza etc, which are likely what got us to be where we are today. Stick to something very low carb, low calorie and fat. If you do cheat "no matter how bad" do not get discouraged if the scale says you are up the next day. Let that give you the determination to say I am going to do better today! Planning meals ahead of time really helps for me. I will grill or bake enough chicken to get me through 2-3 days. Then I just have to warm it up or even cut it up  cold on a salad. Wash veggies in advance and put portions in plastic containers of zip lock baggies so they are ready to go.

I hope this helps and I wish you much success~
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We generally advocate weight loss using a sensible diet and moderate exercise, so you can make lifestyle changes that you can live with.  

With the HCG or similar protocols, you may lose weight, but as soon as you stop the shots and the food regimen, you will gain it all back.  I'm not even going to hazard a guess as to how healthy and safe these are.  

You might get an answer by asking your question on the Weight Loss Alternatives forum.  
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http://hcgdieti nfo.com/

When I googled your question this what I came up with but in no means am I saying this is a good way to loose weight. From the little bit I read it doesn't look or sound healthy at all and looks to be hard to keep up doing. Just my opinion.

Oh yeah take the space out between i and n.
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