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I have so many questions and no one answers the same! Help me!

I'm 17 years old and I gained weight in 5 months but I'd really like to lose it fast but not working out my body to the extreme. Is it healthy to work out while on my period? How many carbs is good for me while still losing weight? What kind of protein is great for weight loss. Also I heard that I shouldn't have so much fruit, is that true?
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Yes, you can work out while you're on your period.

There are 2 different types of carbs; simple carbs like those found in sugary and processed foods - those you should eliminate from your diet; and complex carbs like those found in vegetables and whole grains - those you should eat.  Mostly vegetables. Complex carbs are also known as fiber.

Fruits should be limited to one or two servings per day because they spike your blood sugar, which in turn spikes insulin levels. Insulin carries sugar that's not used right away into fat cells to be stored for later use. When eating fruit, pair it with a whole grain or protein to slow absorption.

Any kind of protein is good for you and you should have protein with every meal or snack.  Protein builds muscle and muscle burns fat.  Protein and fiber help keep you feeling fuller longer.

You have to exercise.
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Eat chicken, fish, and fruits and vegetables. It's not bad to eat too much fruit but try to eatit in the beginning of the day. Other foods take longer to digest so if you eat fruit after say bread or something it will sit on top of it and eventually turn into alcohol which turns into fat. Cut down on bread or completely cut it out if you wanna go to the extreme. That's really hard to do but I cut out red meats, sugar, bread, and cut down on salt and I was losing weight pretty quick with just 30 min of cardio a day. And as the previous person said, drink green tea and a lot of water as well. Working out on your period is supposed to be good for you. It shortens it and helps with cramps
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You should it avocado, coconut oil, pineaple, a lot of homemade smoothies, salmon and drink green tea 2-3 cups a day. You should too make some changings, for example, insgead of white brad take integral one.Cut shugar and junk food, and drink about 2l of wather. Eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables.
If u want faster results you have to be active. Do some cardio and walk or even better run as much as possible. If u want to tone some part of your body u should do exercises for it.
About period, u can exercise but not too much. It's very possible that working out on your period will lower the pain.
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