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I'm Back, on a Budget...

Well, it's been a while, and I've put back on some pounds since I last got on the scale, though I finally have a solid income again, and enough paid off to start dieting again. Currently I'm living off of  vitamin and mineral supplements, slim-fast, tuna, tortillas, and the occasional chicken burrito from taco bell... after 3 days of this at around 1300 calories a day, I'm weighing in at 233, still 58 from my goal. However, I'm not out of this yet, which brings us to the question of how to manage weight and nutrition on a tight budget. What sort of foods and supplements should I look for as affordable staples?
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I'd like to make 2 points - 1) Too much selenium CAN be harmful so do be careful.  2) Selenium will not boost your metabolism.  3) If you THINK you have hypothyroidism, you need to get checked asap as may need a prescription med to get your levels balanced - vitamins won't do THAT for you.  Okay - I know I only said I wanted to make "2" points, but can't stress # 3 enough.  

Hypothyroidism can CAUSE you to gain weight AND it can prevent you from losing it.  It will also make very tired, draggy, sore and achy, along with a whole host of other symptoms.  Please get tested asap - I speak from experience.       If you get tested and happen to be diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (I have that) - then selenium MAY help keep the antibodies calmer, but still won't boost your metabolism.  Good luck.  
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All together I'm taking over 100% on a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially the B vitamins, vitamin E, Vitamin C, Chromium and Selenium... though in terms of toxicity, anything in the multivitamins should be well within tolerable levels, as they tend to always be low on things like iron and potassium, and someone of my size shouldn't be affected much by that amount anyway... the selenium I'm not sure on. 70mcg is 100% DV. The selenium supplement is 200mcg, and there is another 200mcg in my other mutivitamins combined, which pushes the upper level... I might drop the selenium supplement then to be sure.
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I'm so glad you mentioned Aldi's .. that briefly ran through my mind and escaped again yesterday.  Yes, there is quite a savings to be had there and they really do have a majority of items that can fulfill one's grocery needs.  Then, the remainder of shopping can be done at another store.  Have found many brands are as good or better than those of major chains .. and .. from having worked in the food distribution industry for a short time .. they are usually packed at the same manufacturers using the same products.  For instance, vegetables are either grade A - perfect, whole ... or B - slight imperfections, pieces .. no matter where canned.

Each of us finds our own "vitamins" that help us with nutritional content and thus energy levels.  May I suggest one thing ... please consult with a physician or pharmacist because if you are taking "two" multivitamins and "one" multivitamin is adequate, there are some of the ingredients that can become toxic.  I know Vitamin C can not, but not sure on some of the others and the minerals.  Also, many vitamins contain Selenium .. so if you are taking 2 multivitamins that do and then additional Selenium .. it may be an issue.  The other way to do it would be to check the packages for the USRDA (recommendations for daily intake) and make sure you're not going over 100% with all combined for that ingredient.  If you are .. then I hope you will do the homework to find out if it is toxic or not.  

Sorry you're not feeling as well .. watch your swollen uvula .. all 3 of your choices sound like possibilities.  ****Healing wishes*****

Take care .. and let us know what you come up with for a grocery list or any special items you find that you like.  That kind of information helps us all!
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Thanks for the ideas and the link!

There's a generic store called Aldi around here where I try to do the majority of my shopping, though certain things aren't available there.

The supplements I take are two multivitamins, a B-complex, an Omega-3, and Selenium. Nothing I take is prescription, but those help me stay energized throughout the day despite my calorie deficit, and hopefully the selenium will help boost my metabolism (I think I have hypothyroid). I always buy generics where they're available.

Last night my uvula got all swollen and it's bothering me again today, though, and I can't determine if it's something I'm eating, acid reflux, or if I'm just coming down with something.
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Welcome back to the WL&D community .. it's nice to see you again!  Congratulations on getting back to a "solid income" again .. that must relieve a lot of stress.

As far as food .. if you stay with the basics, they are the most inexpensive.  Here are a few ideas.  Also, watch for sales and coupons, especially those you find "in store".  Many are in the newspaper but if you don't subscribe, you can usually obtain the ad from the courtesy counter.

Multigrain bread
Turkey bacon
Store brand cereals that represent Cheerios, grape nuts, shredded wheat
Chicken (whole and bake it .. can use for meal or sandwiches)
In season or frozen fruits and vegetables (let the pricing and your taste dictate your choices)
LF cottage cheese (this is on sale all the time here)

A while back I shared an article about "Pinching Pennies While Dieting"  ..  http://www.ranaesheart.com/2008/08/pinching-pennies-while-dieting.html  .. you may find some ideas there.

Regarding "supplements" .. a good multi-vitamin is all I take and, if taking prescription medications, I would recommend checking with your pharmacist and/or physician to make sure they are compatible.  Most store-brands contain the same ingredients as the name brand ones .. pick up the packages and compared .. so why pay more?

I'm sure there are many other suggestions and look forward to hearing from the other community members ..

Again .. welcome back .. and thanks for allowing us to share your journey with you!
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