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Jessica Simpsom's Weight

My friend emailed an article to me today about Jessica Simpson's weight gain. She said that it was making her feel very self-conscious because she's about the same height and weight as Jessica Simpson. I don't think my friend is in any way overweight, but I'm just wondering how other members of this forum feel about the article.


Do you think she looks better now or before? What do you think of the media coverage?
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My husband and I both agree--- CURVES. It is more feminine. When you are bone thin (no offense to anyone) you look more like a pre-teen or not as feminine. I've always been curvy, even when I was very skinny, and I appreciate that about my body.

Even as an overweight person, I have curves and not rolls. That's why I don't hate my body like many people do. I just want to look great for my husband and reduce my risks for health issues. I am also LOVING the energy I have lately! Went to the park today and I was running around with my kids and going down the slides with them. I haven't done that with either of them EVER.
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so she put on a couple of pounds, no big deal!! I think she looks happier now and better than what she did in the last picture.
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I thought she was really pretty before and I still think so.  I didn't see any fat in the picture the news keeps showing.  She just looks like a girl who has grown up to be a woman.

You go Jessica  :)
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Curves, curves, curves .. it is really too bad the media tends to play to starvation as a norm.  What I was thrilled with is the Jessica herself likes her curvier self and has turned away from her previous very skinny self .. and she's happy in her own skin!  We can all learn something from that one.

Thanks for sharing sk123.
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I think woman are sexier when they are curvier no offense to skinny people but i personally think curvier is better like beyonce shes gorgeous and Jlow  america F the ugly betty star once upon a time i dreamed of being skinny but now i just want to be happy in my own skin
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