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Muscles and Weight

So as far as I now, the more muscle you have, the harder it is to lose the fat, and that's kind of my problem now. As a kid, when I started to take my training seriously, I didn't really lose my fat first. A few years later and I'm pretty muscular (I actually want to lose that, too...), it's really hard for me to lose weight.

What kind of exercise should I be doing (that will go along with a diet) that I'll be able to lose weight more effectively? Is cardio, like running/jogging, good? When we jog, I feel like my leg muscles are just getting bigger (I played football/soccer  for my HS varsity) but right now I have a (somewhat, haha) regular training in the swim team.

Or is just going on a diet going to work? Thank you!
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your genetics must be out of this world mate if you've made it to the point your carrying so much muscle u want to lose some, and running is starting to push them past the already muscular peak there at? i must admit im envious.....and sceptical :)

the more muscle your carrying the easier it is to lose fat.

if your eating in a calorie deficit then you'll be losing bodyfat & muscle.-this'll solve both your problems yeh?

cardio choice isnt important as far as burning fat goes its just another way to burn cals.

your question about "what exercise lose weight more effectively" this'll be down to the diet rather than exercise, keto diets are good for "effective" fat loss.

good luck

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Just be consistent with your work out.
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That's actually incorrect... muscle burns fat so, the more muscle you have (the more you build) the more fat you will loose.

If you are wanting to loose weight rather than build more muslce I would drop down on the weight you are lifting for your strength training and do more repetitions that way you are still working your muscle but not bulking up so much.

Cardio helps maintain your weight so I would recommend more strenth training than cardio but if you are worried about running building up your leg muscles you could do your cardio on an elliptical machine or a stationary bike.

Good luck!
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