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So tired of being fat

I am 26 years old, have 2 kids, and am a stay a home mom. i used to weigh 140 consistantly without trying at all. in the last 2 years, i've had a baby, had cancer, had surgery twice, and am drinking way too much beer to deal with all the stress just so i can sleep at night. i know something has to change. i lost 20 lbs at the beginning of the year of 08 just to gain it all back and then some. i need a good plan laid out for me before i try this again--i DO NOT want to fail again! i need to lose about 30 lbs just to feel comfortable in my own skin. 40 to feel confident and sexy again. PLEASE help me develop a plan i can and want to stick to! i wanna feel 26, not 56!
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First off - welcome to the community - you've come to the right place for support.  

I'm very sorry that you've had cancer and 2 surgeries.  I hope the surgeries were successful and that the cancer has been dealt with.  You will need to lay out your own plan, based on what works for you and your family, but the members here are always ready and willing to provide tips and support.  

The first thing I have to point out, is that beer has a lot of calories; and does it really help deal with the stress? or do you just get drunk so you don't feel so bad for a while?  I apologize if that sounds harsh - I went down that road when I was in my late 20's/early 30's, so I know how it works. Your comment about "drinking way too much beer" tells me that possibly the majority of your calories comes from beer rather than healthy foods, so if you just cut that out, you would probably begin losing weight.  Maybe you could talk to your doctor and get something to help you deal with stress and sleep besides alcohol.  You might even want to think about some type of therapy if you have a lot of problems to deal with.  No - I'm not totally against drinking alcohol (I have a drink myself once in a while).  

You need to get on a plan that will allow for changes that will last for years to come.  Eating several small meals throughout the day is best because it helps keep your blood sugar stable so you won't feel hungry.  

There are web sites that will help you calculate how many calories you need per day, based on your age, current weight, height, etc.  A good one is "spark people".  It's also helpful to keep a journal of what and how much you eat and what emotions you feel when you eat in order to pinpoint if there are emotional triggers.  

Make sure you eat all the food groups.  It's best to eat lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, low fat dairy, etc.  Protein and fiber take longer for your body to  break down, so they keep you feeling fuller longer.  Drink plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated.

You don't say whether or not you have an exercise program, but exercise is just as important to your health as eating the right foods.  If you don't currently exercise, I suggest that you buy an inexpensive pedometer and wear it all day.  The recommended goal is 10,000 steps/day - with 2 children, I'm sure you get around.  Remember, the children need exercise and fresh air also, so put them in the stroller (or take them by the hand) and go for a daily walk.  If you are one of those unlucky ones to live where the winters are cold, you might be able to walk at a mall or something like that.  Also check out your TV as some cable companies have channels dedicated to exercise and you can also find inexpensive work out dvd's.  

That's a start and I know others in the community are going to have tons of ideas also.  

Good luck and do come back to join us regularly for support.  We'll be here to cheer on you through the downs and to congratulate you through the ups.  

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Hey the young one! Welcome to the community! You will definitely find plenty of support here. With a year long weight loss challenge in progress you are going to find great motivation and support!

Just focus on one day at a time...Eating healthy and exercsing and keeping motivated are the keys to weight loss. When you feel stressed you still can vent here and get ovwer it Or either chose some out door activity to change the mood!

You also will find great people here with whom you can make frenz and will allow you to share your journey with them!

Any questions just ask whether it be food,exercise or anything else.

So welcome aboard! you are at the right place!
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Im 27 and stay home as well except i dont have kids!! So even worse for me thats why i started here! First you need to keep a food journal that helps alot they havent started here yet but i use spark people its a really great site!! they have lots of tools to help! They have exercise videos you can do and they are easy just 10 mins and i guarantee you will feel them working! Start small though probably 30 mins 3 times a week you have to work yourself up there! i haven t even been considered in the over weight range b4 (i just was not happy with myself) and when i started i couldnt run for 10 mins for nothing!! i got winded fast and needed the water bottle constantly but now i do 30 strength training and still run for 20 mins!! They say the beer is bad but if you are like me and dont feel like getting rid of it completly dont drink everyday and get light beer if you need a calorie guide for alcohol spark people has one i will try to find it for u if you want it i should have book marked it!! Sounds like you have been going through alot lately so just start off small and you WILL get there!! We are all turtles here so WELCOME ABOARD!
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