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Hi I am 28 years old im 5'3 and 130lbs I have been working out since I was 16. I have a pretty easy time losing weight and getting " ripped". untill i got sick and did not diet or workout! i gained 27 lbs!!! I got the ok by my doctor to diet and workout again..ok with that said I do high intensity cardio and strength train more then 5 days a week. I used to just eat protein bars but I am trying to incorperate some food into it like a turkey burger..etc. Problem is that I am not losing weight at all if anything its goin up a little everyday! I usually take in between 850-1000 calories a day. I was told that was the reason I didnt lose weight then I increased to 1200 and same thing!! I have never had this problem can some one PLEASE HELPPPP!!
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I'm with gillianl, I'd love to be at your weight and I'm only 5'  --

That said, if you are gaining weight for no apparent reason, I'd suggest that you get tested for hypothyroidism, PCOS and/or insulin resistance.  These are all medical conditions that can cause you to gain and/or be unable to lose weight.

Beyond that, I would suggest that you implement the food diary here on MH to track your calorie intake (includes food and drink).  Then I'll suggest that you implement the exercise tracker to make sure you are burning as many calories as you think.

I know you are "young" yet, but keep in mind that as we get older, we do tend to "hang onto" extra pounds and if there is any problem with your metabolism, losing weight will be much harder than you used to find it.

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i really don't see any problem with your weight in fact i would love to get to the weight you are at the moment, you are definitely not fat.  All i would say is make sure you have a healthy  meals a day and exercise the way you have been and the results will show, it's not going to happen overnight.  Good luck
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