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Weight loss without giving up everything

Hi all,
I'm 18 years of age and i weight about 85 kilos and mesure about 175, I would like to lose weight as i have put on weight on these medications but i don't want to give up all my food as i love eating french food ( as im french) such a pate chocolates cheese and all of those I know i eat way to much fastfood and drink to much sodas but the sodas have become an addiction ! i just want to lose weight with work outs but not a mass amount of cutting out all food apart from the fats.
Any help ?
Thank you
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If I were you , I will cut the amount of fat and sugar because as a french naturally you are not in  to carbohydrate diet . beware of fast foods . replace 2/3 of your meat by fish. ( I know it would be hard for you )  
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Some sacrifice is inevitable when losing weight.  You don't necessarily have to give up all the foods you like, though you certainly have to cut portions of those that are the least healthy, then add in plenty of fruits and veggies.  

Chocolate is actually good for you, if you opt for the dark chocolate - the more cacao the better.  Likewise, cheeses are good for you, but again, you should opt for the low/no fat varieties, to cut calories.

Fast food has way too much fat in it and is not good for you.  Sodas are also not good for you because they have too much sugar, and they contribute immensely to obesity.
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