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I have hypermobility in many joints; both shoulders, knees, 9 fingers excluding left thumb, and my left ankle makes a clicking sound when I walk. I need to know how to lose weight and get healthy because of hypermobility, I already sprained my knee just from trying to stand up. a few minutes ago I tried dumbbells for my shoulders, but I ended up causing my knuckles to hurt. so I need to know how I can help my joints, lose weight, and get healthier than the average person without damaging anything
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A warm and hearty welcome to you!  Thanks for coming here to post your question!!!  jeh has given you some great advice and, I believe, swimming iwould be a great form of exercise to reduce the strain to your joints.  Since this condition can require the assistance of a physician, perhaps you can begin with your doctor and your parents.

In researching the Internet, it seems a strengthening program may be beneficial in providing muscular stability and stabilization to the joint. Stretching techniques that are targeted to isolate tight muscles without stressing the surrounding joints may also reduce symptoms by improving balance and control.

You may need the assistance of your physician and/or physical therapist to identify the specific exercises to reduce the strain to the ligaments surrounding the join and to prevent further injury.

Hope you'll stay involved in the community for some motivation as you work to exercise and begin your program ... we'd love to help and feel sure we can offer you friendship, support and motivation.  

Very best wishes ...
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First of all....Welcome!

I know exactly what you are talking about............your ligaments are loose and weak,this will increase your risk of injury,such as a sprain.

At your age....i would recommend you talking to your parents about the exercises and weight lose.....are you taking physical therapy? They could provide you with certain exercises that will strengthen your joints....things that you could do right there at home!

I do know swimming is an excellent exercise...because your weight is not on your joints because of the water.......just moving your joints helps also,it keeps the blood flowing...I am not sure to the degree you have hypermobility,so i can not say for sure what exercises you would be able to perform without injuring yourself and causing you great pain.....please have your parents speak with your Dr.....they will be able to assist you...I wish you the best.

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