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in need of tips and suggestions

I'm about 206lbs and it's all in my inner thighs and stomach. I love Mt body but it's not healthy and at times I do get self conscious. I would like to right now just work on getting healthy and hopefully get down to 165 lbs. Does anyone have any ideas of things I should do. I'm so done hurting myself. I feel like crap for letting life get to me like this!
Thank you!!
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How old are you and how tall?

A good healthy diet and moderate exercise program should be all you need to get healthy.

If you drink sodas and eat sugary, starchy foods, you should eliminate those from your diet and you'll probably see some weight loss, relatively quickly.

You might consider getting some simple blood tests done to rule out any medical issues, that cause weight gain or make losing difficult.  Those might include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS.  

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Hello there,

If you haven't already discussed a weight loss plan with your family doctor
and an exercise plan, it really is a good idea to do this. Your doctor knows
your medical history. You and your doctor can discuss how to lose the
weight safely, a possible food plan and ideas for exercising, perhaps just
walking as walking is one of the best exercises you can do.
Good luck with all of this. Eve
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