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lossing 60lbs. by march

Is it possible to lose 60lbs. by march 17, 2009. What kind of workout can I do because of my stomach, legs, arms and etc. My height is 5 ft. tall and I weigh 230lbs. I really need your input on a successful diet plan.
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I agree with suzi-q and skailark.  60 pounds is a lot to lose in such a short time.  The first thing you should do is check with your doctor to make sure there aren't underlying medical problems that might cause weight gain or prevent you from losing weight (hypothyroid, etc).  By all means get his/her blessing before embarking on this journey.  

Once you've got your doctor's blessing, start a healthy eating program (right kinds of foods with the right portions).  There are various websites where you can get info regarding calories and/or portion sizes and of course, everyone here is willing to help out with advice and encouragement.  

As far as exercise is concerned - of course walking is the best there is because it's free and can be done most anytime, provided you have a safe place to walk and weather permits; start slowly and work up.  Try wearing a pedometer so you know how you are really doing (the daily goal is 10,000 steps, but don't even try that to begin with unless you are really used to getting a lot of exercise - aim for maybe 2000-3000 steps/day to start and add 500 steps/day.  Pedometers can be purchased at most department stores and range in price from around $5.00 and up, with functions that range from measuring only steps to measuring steps, total miles, miles/hr, calories, time, etc.  I wear one daily and I really do believe it works.  Put on the pedometer whenever you start your day and keep it on all day - you'd be surprised at how much distance you can cover just doing housework, etc; but don't stop there - keep moving.  

I used to belong to Curves and it's a really good work out program, but I quit because the hours of the one I belonged to weren't convenient for me because they closed for lunch @ 1:00 pm and didn't reopen until 3:00 so whenever I wanted to work out, I had to wait at least 20 min to get in or else go home and come back, neither of which fit my schedule.  Anyway, the workouts are fantastic and although I wasn't successful losing weight because of medical problems (undiagnosed thyroid, along with other things), I could tell a difference in my muscle tone and I saw quite a few women lose a good amount.

I personally like the Wii Fit, but that can get expensive if you don't have the basic system, etc.  Another thing I really enjoy is yoga.  You can get a beginner yoga dvd for a few bucks and it really works to stretch and tone the muscles; in addition to that, the poses are done very slowly and deliberately, focusing on breathing, working certain sets of muscles, etc so it's relaxing as well. If you choose yoga, don't worry about doing anywhere near what the instructor is doing - only stretch as far is comfortable and do the poses the best you can with more focus on the correct postures; you'd be surprised at how quickly those muscles start responding.  And then, let's not forget the exercise links that Skailark has been posting during the Thanksgiving challenge - no cost involved.

Take the steps that will let you make an entire life style change in order to keep the weight off, not just something that get the weight off quickly only to gain it back in a few months, along with more.

Last, but not least,  keep coming back here often to get your encouragement and motivation. Good luck.
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Recoomended weight loss per week is 1- 2 pounds.

The healthiest amount of weight to lose in 16 weeks wud be no more than 35 pounds,

I recommend that you start your eating healthy plan and exercise right away.

If you are not sure what to eat or how to exercise, just ask one of us and we will show you the way.

Walking is a great place to start if you are new to exercise!
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60 pounds would be an unhealthy amount of weight to lose in 4 months...However, you could get a good start.  

I suggest the SouthBeach diet plan.  You could pick up the book at any bookstore for 15 bucks.  I have been having tremendous success on it.

Since you have so much weight to lose, I also suggest that you go to your doctor first before starting any exercise or diet program.

I don't belong to curves, but many of my friends do, and they really like the exercise program.  It is only a 1/2 hour and they see the toning happen quite quickly.  I wouldn't suggest "hard" exercise until you get into the swing of things.  Then you could up the exercise...I love "spinning" classes...however, it is an instense workout and if you haven't exercised in a while, I wouldn't start with that.  Brisk walking would be the way to start also...

May I ask what is the special event that is coming your way?  I would like to be a support system to you while you are taking on this task.  

You should also add a weight tracker so we can follow you through!

Best to you in your quest!
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