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What would be a good goal weight? Im currently at 139lbs & 5'2. 31y/o mother of four.
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Here's a bit I copied from a height/weight chart, that pertains to you.  Your actual weight depends on the size of your frame.  

                 Small Frame                Medium Frame           Large Frame

5'2"               108-121                       118-132                     128-143

Depending on your frame size, you might not even be overweight.  

If you're slowly gaining weight, you should ask your doctor to run some simple tests to determine whether or not you have a thyroid condition, called hypothyroidism.
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Hello there,

You must be one busy woman with four children. I suggest making an appointment with your family doctor and together determining what would be a good goal weight for you and how to achieve this weight safely.
Best of luck to you, Evewiswoman (Eve)
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I  think 120-125 would be perfect! That isn't much to lose. Just depends on how skinny you want to look.  Still healthy, but able to look fit in a bikini if you want!  Thats just my opinion though. :-)  I am 5'4" and 140 - I just had surgery and I am slowly starting to lose. I would like to get down to 127-130. When I was that weight I could fit into smaller sizes that I have in my closet.
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