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trouble losing weight

I've been struggling with my weight since I got injured a couple years ago and started packing on the pounds. I did lose 7lbs, but unfortunately gained them back. I'm 5'3/4", 17, and 131lbs. I want to be 110 and am having a lot of trouble losing weight. I'm an emotional eater/ eat when i'm bored. I know those bad habits need to stop! How long do you think it'll take me to lose 21lbs? I play soccer 2-3x a week; that's my exercise each week.
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I agree that you will need to change your eating habits.  Try to fill up on fresh veggies, as much as possible, since they have lots of filling fiber for very few calories.  Make sure you get plenty of protein and "good" fats, with each meal.  Protein keeps you feeling fuller longer and the fats help keep you satisfied.

Stick with complex carbs, such as those found in veggies and whole grains vs the simple carbs such as those found in fruits, candy, white breads and pasta, etc.

You may need to bump up your exercise - maybe the days you don't play soccer, you go for a brisk walk, do some dancing, etc.
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good that you are getting exercise cuz that can help. You can try to stay within the calories to eat each day without the exercise to see if that doesn't help. Are you on any meds? Some meds make it difficult to lose weight. I found that carbs were my big issue and that I needed to eat different kinds of carbs to keep me healthy. I started to lose weight at two pounds per week and I have hypothyroidism which makes losing weight pain staking. You should only go for losing two pounds a week and no more than that. You might need to up your exercise for more cardio type activity.
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