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why lossing waight stoped after somtimes?

i loss waight by dieting and exercising. i want to loss more but lossing waight is stoped.i keep my diet and exercise but i dont loss waight more.whats happend?what should i do?i get tierd of being hungry:(
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I too used to believe I needed to skip meals and starve to lose weight.  But the diet I've been on, I eat throughout the day, I'm not hungry, and I've been losing weight.  Mainly two pounds a week, total of 15 pounds lost so far.  I'm going for a loss of 27 pounds more to reach my height's ideal weight range.  I learned that it doesn't have to be a lot of food to stop the hunger and give enough energy to function, I learned to look at calories and portions, and that what helps most with energy and hunger is a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals.  Good carbs and good fats are helpful, too.  I also learned to rarely eat out, as they tend to be high caloric and empty calories at that.  On the diet I'm on, I still have some dessert treats, watching the portions and calories, and I'm happy and still losing weight.  I've had some weeks where my weight didn't move, but it just taught me to look more carefully at my diet next week.  It is encouraging for me to put up a paper with my starting weight and my weekly weight loss, and keep track.  I don't have much stamina for exercise, so at most I'll take a light walk in good weather, but I've found what helps for me most and what I have to mainly rely on for my plan is my diet, and it is working.

Good luck.
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I agree that you have reached a plateau.  It may be because you are doing the same exercise all the time and it's no longer a challenge for your body; or it could be because you need to vary your diet.

Additionally, if you aren't eating enough calories, your body will hang onto the fat reserves you have because it doesn't think there will be enough food to sustain it. You should not be hungry on a healthy balanced diet.  

You might try the food diary here on Med Help to keep track of what you eat.  That will  help you know whether or not you are eating enough calories; and if those calories are the right type(s).  

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You have reached an exercise plateau.  It is important to vary your workouts, because your body will adjust to an exercise and you will stop losing.  Try a different activity or do high intensity intervals during your regular activity.  Lifting weights is a great way to increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.  If you are hungry all the time, than you are not eating enough, and that will decrease your metabolism and cause you to stop losing weight.  Eat healthy meals and healthy snacks when you are hungry.   Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of calcium in your diet.
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