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35 years old late period not pregnant...

I normally have my period for 4-5 days long..well I never usually go past 25-26 days from the last day of my period. I am late and I went to the doctor and they did pregnancy test and it came back negative. I also took two hpt.  I have had the normal symptoms right before my period arrives..sore breast, bloated tummy...but still not period. I had a  little discharge but not a lot..so doc gave me antibiotics for it.  I am to take 5 mg Medroxyprogesterone twice a day for 5 days. He said after I take it if I still have not gotten my period then he would make me come back for blood work. I guess to check for hormone problems or ovaries. I am really scared and worried.  This is my first time being late with my period..other than 3 other times and those times I was pregnant with our 3 kids. Symptoms I have had is my whole body will feel hot..sometimes I will check and be running a low grade fever while other times I will feel really hot but have no fever at all.  I am not on birth control. I tried getting on them when i was younger but the side effects were so bad I did not want to be on them.  If anyone has had similar issues please any info is appreciated. My question is also if  take this med and  I do get my period will it last longer than normal or should it just be like a normal period 4-5 days long?
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Hi there.  Well, irregular periods do happen and I'd say thus far, you've been really lucky to usually be regular.  I had a period of time that I had really long cycles due to my thyroid being slow.  I also produced too much estrogen at this time.  For me, it self corrected thank goodness.  But during that time, my period came every three months!  Ugh, the pms was long and drawn out.  This went on for about a year or so.  This is also linked to mild depression----  is there any way you could be stress or mildly depressed?  

I've not been given meds before (is that to induce the period or to treat the discharge which is how I read it)---  illness is something that can cause a delay in one's period.  

Heck really, anything can throw it off.  I started a vigorous workout program earlier this year and it threw my period off.  

So, do as your doctor says and see what happens.  Sounds like you are under good care and they aren't blowing you off but will work to figure out what is going on.  But things do self correct.  good luck dear
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Hi, I just took my last pill this morning. I did blood work as well, but the results will not be back til two weeks. I was use to normal periods until almost two months ago when my period was a no show. I took pregnancy tests, but they all came back negative.
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