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Abnormal Labia Minora?

I was wondering if my labia minora is abnormal. The left side is twice the size of the right, the edge is a little discoloured and looks a bit jagged and I find it's semi-itchy. Not itchy as such but I always need to rub it to stop irritation or the likes. I have no idea if this is normal or not and my bf says he doesn't care but I'm still worried...
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normal normal normal...

the labia, like any other part of your body are not even in size, one is sually larger than the other. It is also very normal for the inner labia to hang lower than the outer. The more sensitive skin on the inside of the larger labia is probably drying out a little.

Most images in men's magazines are actually airbrushed, a recent doco showed that labia in their natural state (uneven and often hanging down) was more offensive to the censors and that they were advising the men's magazines to airbrush them to keep their lower rating!
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I'm the same exact way!.. Like exact!.. My bf says he doesn't care either.. But I'm still really self concious:/... So this IS completely normal??
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What really is "normal" There is nothing to concern yourself with. Google imagines of it if you choose, there will all be different. No two women look the same, and that's fine. You do have to consider what this thing is for in the end. It's not meant or made to look pretty. As long as it serves its purpose, that's all that truly matters.
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i have the same thing as the original post but i only noticed mine today and it wasnt there before cos i looked. also it is causing me some discomfort.
my right inner libia is like a dark purplish in colour and feels a bit weird wen i touch it :/  
please help, its actually really scary
Have you found out what it was?
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Very normal! In fact, it is common. While on some woman the edges of the labia are smooth, on many woman the edges are jagged. The labia are usually not symmetrical. Studies have shown one side (usually the left, but it could be either) is longer/larger than the other. Men actually like large labia, so if he says he doesn't care, he is telling the truth.
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