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Abortion could I be pregnant again

I am 21 years old and I had an abortion on May 5, 2006 ..I started my birth control pill on Sunday May 7, 2006..but sometimes i forget to take the pill and i end up taking like two in one day..I have had sex like 10+ times on the day I missed my pill and on days i take the pill .. but i did not use any other form of birth control besides the pill. I do not know when my period is supposed to start after the abortion but it has not started yet.it has been like 7 weeks after my abortion. Lately I have been feeling extra tired, sleepy and my stomach has been making these sounds like its grouling ...I have been pregnant 2 times already I I remember this same feeling..and i have also been experiencing so clear like vaginal fluid  out of nowhere when i am sitting, standing etc...But I dont know if i am pregnant or I am just going crazy please help.....
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I did not say I had three abortions. i said i was pregnant twice i had i abortion and I have a 17 month child his. I wouldnt have that many abortions thats crazy......I think u misread my question.........i know i didnt mention my 17 month old but i never said i had 3 abortions........thats just crazy
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Assuming your cycles are approximately 30 days, you should have had AF one month after your abortion. If you're on the type of BCP that has one week of placebo pills, then AF should have showed when you were taking them (read the instructions, and it will tell you that). There's also a certain amount of time when you should use a back up method when you first start BCP (also, in the instructions, and should have been mentioned by your doctor). Take a hpt now. I agree with sailor's wife- if you cannot remember to take your pill each day, then you need to be on a different method of birth control.
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I think you should definitely take an HPT.  You should consider using additional forms of birth control, as well.  Maybe the birth control shot would be helpful...I know someone else mentioned an IUD.  If you're concerned about becoming pregnant, then you should choose an option that is easier for you to manage.  
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An IUD would not be a good form of birth control for someone not in a committed relationship and not using condoms as the risk for infections can be quite high and the effects of having such an infection with an IUD can damage future fertility and could turn life threatening if left undetected for a long period of time. My suggestion would be to explore other options like the shot which require you to simply go in every 12 weeks for an injection and at the very least use condoms as a back up with any method. Continual abortions definitely have the potential to damage and can interfere with future fertility as well.

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Well, there is a lot of good advice here. I would also like to say that the patch is also a good method of BC! My friend got pregnant twice on the pill and she wasn't forgetful... You might be really fertil... so, two methods might be your only choice. And just in case you don't know, abotions can sometimes cause infertility.
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If you just had an abortion.. why on earth would you even chance having unprotected sex! So what happens if you DO end up pregnant, another abortion? Seems a little childish - how about say "No - no protection - no sex".. it really is that simple. I am not meaning to sound preachy.. but come on!
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Aye, if you don't want to be pregnant so bad then why can't you remember to take your pills? And make sure you're using condoms!!!
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OK I am 22 years old and I have a 6 year old daughter. I was young and stupid, didn't really have the mother support that I needed to really stick it in my head that sex is completly wrong at that age and I should of waited. But look at me now I have a child I was 15 years old so I am going to tell you what I should of been told, so im sorry if I offend you but it needs to be said. Why in the world are you even considering to have sex if your going to be doing it unprotected and then once you screw up you kill the child inside you!! And even so why are you even on the birth control pill if your not going to take it, it sounds like your asking for the trouble that I brought onto myself. Obvously you know that having sex is the way a baby is brought into this world, and if this is not what you are wanting then stop having sex untill you are fully ready to have a child because to keep on being as imature your being and killing this child is wrong. Get on the shot or stop having sex because already having 1 abortion hasn't taught you a lesson yet............
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Well,I dont know, I had an abortion around Feb. And i've been haveing serious problems since then and I keep thinking i'm preg. b/c i'm haveing symptoms and its weird, like, I keep getting strange food craveings, i'm still gaining weight, I feel like i'm laying on a baseball when I lay on my stomache and so on, seems to me though like the people that had opinions on your stiuation aren't really trying to do anything but be rude and say they dont mean to be... oh well, thats just ******* these days for you, but I dont know what to tell you, I have no idea why I keep haveing weird symptoms and things either... lets wish eachother the best of luck! :-)
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