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Beginner on masturbation

Hi, I'm almost 16 and I just started getting into masturbation, my first time masturbating was a week ago or so and it was great, the next day I noticed I was really sore which I had expected.  Later that night I couldn't control myself and did it again and the next day was more sore, I knew that was my fault and was upset at myself for my stupidity.  I stopped for a few days to give myself a rest, one night I had took a shower and noticed on the inner part of my lips on my vagina was red and burning a little, and it burned to touch.  I thought if I just give it some time it will go away.  Later that night I was getting aroused and I checked to see if tje area was still irritated and it wasn't so I did it, but I noticed I just wasn't really feeling the pressure, I reached my orgasm but still didn't really feel any pleasure.  After I finished the area started to get irritated again, the next day it was ok but I noticed things were smelling weird down there, I got a baby wipe and cleaned the area but that didn't seem to help.  It stopped smelling weird and everything seemed ok.  I tried to masturbate again about almost an hour ago and I still just wasn't really feeling the pleasure, I layed on my stomach and tried fingering myself and I felt some pleasure but not a lot, I also rubbed my clitoris a little too rough I feel like, it kinda hurt but at the same time felt good, it was the most pleasure I felt tonight.  I also noticed afterwards I was burning and itching a little, I used a baby wipe to clean the area, it seemed to help a little.  But I'm concerned I might have done something wrong, why am I not really feeling the pleasure anymore?  And why does it hurt a little to rub my clitoris?  Was I going too rough maybe?  Should I take a break from masturbating???  
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Hey, I could give you some advice on masturbation. Usually this doesnt cause me soreness. However, if you do feel this, try taking a break or seek a doctor to help.
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I am taking a break at the moment, epesically since I'm on my period.  I haven't noticed any problems down there in a few days, I'm thinking maybe I was doing it too much but I don't know for sure.
So 2 days ago, I tried masturbating and it was to orgasm and I did feel sore. Its probably because it was my first time, and its yours too. Thats ok, though. Try a different technique of masturbating your clitoris. Does this help?
This is the woman's health forum. thank you
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Think this is trial and error.  If what you are doing causes soreness, pain, cuts, etc. then try something else. You don't have to be aggressive about it when doing it and can be more gentle on yourself. Take breaks if you are sore. Try not to overthink it.  You may have given yourself an abrasion or little cut.  Let it heal.  It will but it takes a bit of time as that area isn't exposed to air like the rest of our body.  When it heals, it can itch.  
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