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Bv and spotting !!

I’m 28 , not sexually active haven’t been for 7 or so years. I went to the obgyn last week they ran urine samples and std tests and everything was okay, I told them I’m spotting still for two weeks now three and cramping the test came back for BV so they prescribed me Metronidazole I felt way too anxious about taking it , Friday I went in for a ultrasound and pelvic ultrasound I believe and got the results today that it was fine. They now prescribed me clindamycin gel which I will pick up tomorrow due to pharmacy out of stock. I am scared that I’m spotting still and feel like I’ve been on my period this whole week. I still have not noticed a smell or different discharge. I’m afraid right now. I have been so stressed which is why I waited to go in two weeks since I chucked up the spotting for stress and thought it was my period. I just am afraid and still stress due to personal things. Is this pretty normal for BV? Even though everything else was fine? No cysts no uti or Kidney infection I am scared.
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Why didn't you take the Metronidazole, again? In what way did it make you anxious?
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Honestly it was the side effects that made me extremely anxious to even take it. Which I blame myself for feeding that anxiety but asked if there was anything less intense
I was curious because metronidazole is the treatment of choice for BV, especially if bacterial vaginitis has spread further into the reproductive tract than the vagina. It seems like if it has spread, medication that stays in the vagina might not do enough, though it's true that some meds will enter your bloodstream through the vaginal skin and become a systemic antibiotic. (The clindamycin gel could do just that; ask your doc.) I was just surprised you were so frightened of metronidazole because I've taken it and have never had a side effect.

Anyway, the new approach must be good or the doctor wouldn't have provided it.. Probably overall, the advice is that you should try to get over your fear of medication. Some day, you can be sure you're going to have to take a certain medicine "or else." There are tricks to taking pills, maybe look them up. (My son takes them in pudding, for example.)

Good luck!


Yes that’s true , I contacted my doctor and will with this and keep them updated. I have been working on getting over my fear , I’ve done a lot better but for some reason it’s just a big struggle. Thank you so much for the advice ! I really do appreciate the reassurance and encouragement! And deff the tip! I’ll try it out for sure ! Thank you again!!
Very cold butterscotch pudding is a delicious way to take pills, as long as there is no contra-indication for taking the meds with dairy. Also, honey-vanilla Greek yogurt. You'll get to liking the treat so much that you'll start looking forward to medication time.

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