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Canker Sore in Vagina After being sick

I had a really bad cold this week with a fever for about 2 days. The past couple of days I have been wearing really tight thongs and did yoga with tight pants with no underwear on. I thought I might have chaffed myself due to these things. I looked down there recently and noticed 2 symmetrical "canker sore" looking things right where my thong would usually get stuck. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? It's freaking me out a bit.
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same thing is happening to me now. did you ever find out what it was?
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You cant get a canker sore on your vagina. If you have weird bumps on your vagina you need to go get an STD check.
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look it up, yes you can, i know what it looks like and its not a bump at all
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I had something similar to this recently. I had some irritation after sex with my fiancee, and then got a yeast infection.. One of my lymph nodes in my Pelvis became enlarged and painful..  Later, I got something that looked very similar to a canker sore.. I went strait to my gynocologist after reading horror stories online that this was def. an STD.. I got tested and it turn out it was just a small abrasion and I am totally healthy! You can get these types of sores and it can just be a common infection..
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Thanks for the comment. I have had a number of people email me after posting this who also had a similar thing happen to them after being sick. I actually saw my doctor two weeks ago and mentioned it to her and she said that sometimes it happens and not to worry about it. I too knew it wasn't an STD b/c I have always been tested very regularly but of course anything in that area always freaks people out.
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i have a sore on my vagina, its very sore and got bigger over night. i have not had sex, but i dont know what it is.. its like a ball thats very sore..someone help me
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