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Chronic Ingrown hairs/folliculitis...help!!

I have chronic issues with ingrown hairs, little "pimple-like" things around my vaginal area.  I've had them since I was 16, I'm 28 now.  I've talked to a Gyno about them, and he said they may be Herpes (which was strange...I was a virgin at the time...scared me nonetheless) but he later confirmed it was folliculitis, or ingrown hairs.  I've accepted this fact, and maybe I don't have a horrible disease...I'm paranoid and jump to conclusions.

Anyway, I am a clean person...I bathe every day, pay special attention to that area, I have safe sex, I'm not a "sporty" person, so I don't sweat profusely...so why does this problem persist?  Is it my soap, perhaps?  Maybe there's something I'm missing.  Does anyone know of anything that may alleviate the problem?  

I'm worried I could be with someone and he could mistake an innocent bump for an STD.  I'm kinda paranoid of it because the bumps are red and itchy.  I won't even shave completely bare because then I'm afraid you can see scars and stuff.

Maybe I think too much about it.  Thanks for any help.
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It could absolutely be a reaction to the soaps you are using.  Try switching to something very mild, like Ivory soap for washing there, and wash your underwear in very very mild detergent.  Maybe you just have super sensitive skin there, and the shaving does not help either.  You might also want to try not shaving at all for a few months and see if all of these changes make any difference.

Good luck!
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Yeah, I'm very familiar w/ this problem. Its not because of the soap you use, or because of the detergent you wash you undies in. & its DEF not an STD...  :P  Its because you have curly, course hair down there..  

If you'll notice, some black men have the same problem when shaving their beards.  Its an annoying problem, but I have solved it w/ laser treatment. Yes, yes. Laser (permanent hair removal) treatment is rather expensive, but money means nothing compared to the feeling i get when i can finally wear a string bikini (instead of boy shorts) to the beach! :)
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