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Clitoris and Inner Labia are swollen, sensitive and irriatated

My symptoms started with what looked and felt like a yeast infection under only the hood of the clitoris, once that cleared up I was still experiencing extreme sensitivity on the clitoris and/or the inner labia. My inner labia are swollen to some degree every day; sometimes sensitivity comes with this, sometimes not. When I say sensitivity I mean that every little hair, underwear or anything that touches my inner labia or clitoris is an irritant!! I can't wear underwear and I can only wear loose fitting clothing or the symptoms get worse. I've been dealing with this for 8 months now. I've seen 2 doctors and 1 specialist, none have really told me anything and all tests always come back negative (I was tested for herpes as well.) Even the yeast cultures come back negative.  I've been going to acupuncture for the last 2 months and the symptoms are decreasing, but at a very slow rate. I have taken Monistat, flagyl, cortizone (steroid) pills and cream and nothing has worked. The specialist has put me on a neurotransmitter medicine because she thinks the nerve endings in my vulva are misfiring, which sounds far fetched to me but at this point I'll try anything! I used to feel a rawness under the clitoris hood and between the inner labia a lot, but not as much sense I’ve been going to the acupuncturist, however- it is very rare that I feel any  itchiness. I have not experienced any colored discharge- though on bad days I do have more discharge then usual- but still clear. My acupuncturist and the specialist seem to think these symptoms are a result from having bladder infections in the past (I have a sensitive bladder), DOES ANYONE HAVE A SENSITIVE BLADDER, or have had many bladder infections in the past, and have similar symptoms as me? Also, I have noticed when the clitoris is bothering me- I sometimes have white spots under the hood of my clitoris. After close inspection, I have found these little white spots are NOT part of my clitoris and can be removed. Once it’s removed (very sensitive and somewhat painful to remove) it looks like what a blackhead would look like, but white….?! I clean myself regularly down there so to have any buildup, like this, is very weird. For the last couple of months I’ve been using non-fragranced baby wipes to clean under the clitoris hood and around the vulva area and I’m still seeing these little white spots. IF ANYONE HAS SIMILAR SYMPTOMS PLEASE RESPOND. I’m doing a follow-up visit with the specialist at UCLA Medical Center in 2 months.

Wishing hope on all those who understand.

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I forgot to mention that I've been on a brutal yeast and sugar free diet for the last 4 months. It does seem to help keep the symptoms away. Depsite loosing 10 pounds, this diet has been awful but helpful.
Hey PC26. I am facing these sympotms for almost a year now. Did u find relief? Anything u can guide me with? I am v desperate. And in much discomfort.
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I don't have an answer, but I do think I have something similar. About two years ago I started to have pain, especially with intersourse, and redness and swelling around the inner labia. I was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis and I've tried creams, pills, physio therapy and nothing. About a month and a half ago I started to notice a white buildup around the outside of my inner labia and my clitoris. It sounds exactly like what you've described, it can be cleaned away but no matter how often I do it there always seems to be more. I actually tried the baby whites too, but I've found it too painful so I am limited too warm water and mild soap. My gynecologist is at a loss but I'm going to see a specialist in January. If I find out anything I will post back and if you would do the same I'd really like that! I've been really embarassed about the white residue, it makes me feel unclean or something, but hearing that someone else has it is really comforting (although I wish neither of us had to post here! :) )
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It will be a year in Feb. I'm going to a really good specialist and
she's still confused. I just saw her a 3rd time 2 weeks ago. The clitoral swelling and tenderness doesn't happen as much as the inner labia swelling and tenderness now.
My specialist, Dr.Andrea Rapkin at UCLA Medical Center wants me to stay in contact with women who have similar symptoms as me. She's doing some research right now and has told me I don't have Vulodynia or Vestibulitis (though I'm going to bring it up again when I see her-she's mentioned it but has said the it she's never heard of the clitoris being affected,etc.)

Anyways can you answer the questions below in detail on here or email me at needhelp2008 @ hotmail . com?
I'm going to forward my doctor the answers I get from everyone, there's a longer forum on this website about this (I think it might be in the relationships topic??) Anyways it would be much appreciated if you sent me info on your symptoms. I wish we weren't going through this either and I wish even more doctors could help us. I figure the more info they have and if they're able to see there are quite a few us going through it, then more effort would be put forth to research our ailment.  

What are your “exact” symptoms (swelling in clitoris, labia, sensitivity, etc) ?
When did this start for you?
How long have you been experiencing pain/irritation?
Have you had bladder infections (UTI's), Cysts, or yeast infections in the past?

Recently I seem to have this little white dot of "stuff" (backed up sebum we're assuming because the doc said it didn't look like puss or an infection) that's STILL collecting under the clitoral hood. It can be removed and I feel less sensitive it seems after it's removed, however I have to go through a full week or so of bad swelling, which is a different sensitivity but still not fun. My "down times" are becoming more frequent and more comfortable. However, when the doctor remove my white stuff from under the clitoral hood last week it's made my down time turn into being swollen for going on 9 days now. The clitoris feels better but the labia are sensitive.

I hope you're feeling better.

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I'm 20 and since I started having sex 3 years ago I have had really bad urine infections that started with one then another then with my latest partner of 2 years I have got over 10. My body now only responds to one antibiotic but would give me thrush. So I went to a specialist who put me into surgery to have my whole urethra burned with a laser to remove the scaring from the infections and help them to not reappear. I think I was meant to wait 3months before having sex (after surgery) but I was feeling fine and late in the 2nd month I did (sometimes it’s just can’t wait) but yes I got the worst UTI ever. I was in the Northern Territory working and I Live in SYD but it started with lower back pain, then the next day pain so bad I went cold, had a headache and couldn’t walk; the next day couldn’t eat, sleep or even go to the toilet properly my stoles were green and more runny. But I really didn’t know what was wrong as when I pasted urine it was fine? But hence being in NT here was no “safe” doctors and had to fly back home to see my GP straight of the plane she took one look and I was in hospital  on a drip due to my blood pressure was to high. It took me 3months to get of pain killers and antibiotics and to feel normal again. But after that I have only had two UTI in a year which I think is cause of the surgery. Also I take cranberry tablets every day the higher does the better and drink at least 2.5 L of water a day.

But to get to the point, I have only had 3 yeast infections but they start at my clitoris and itch and burn like crazy and have found the little white stuff around the hood? My GP always told me to take thrush cream and tablet and it has seemed to work.  But all doctors are full of **** and the hospitals are worse. I think the more natural stuff you put in your body the better.

i wish all the best for you and hope one of us gets the answers we are looking for?
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Thanks to EVERYONE who answered my questions! I passed them along to my doctor, it's obviously not going to be reliable info for her to study but it AT THE LEAST shows her that other girls are experiencing this type of health issue. I will post any information I find out!

Please feel free to post the answers to the below questions or message me, also if you can think of anything you want to add that might be valuable information I'd appreciate it! I re-did the questions- see below. THANKS!

What are your “exact” symptoms (swelling in clitoris, labia, sensitivity, etc) ?
When did this start for you, meaning- after sex, after a yeast infection or just out of the blue?
How long have you been experiencing pain/irritation?
Have you had bladder infections (UTI's), Cysts, yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis (ex. Gardnerella, it's when the ph levels in your vaginia get all wacky and good bacteria starts becoming bad bateria) in the past?
Do you experience pain/irritation/sensitivity with the clitoris, inner labia or outer labis (or all) ?

BEST WISHES, try to stay positive  ; )

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I have had a swollen clitoris for about one week. At first it was because I masturbated and it was a little swollen, then it gradually got bigger and bigger about the size of a couple of grapes. Moslty on one side of my clitoris. It is now very uncomfortable and accompanied by a yeast infection. I always get small yeast infections by my birth control pills (Errin) but now this is still swelling even more even after my doctor prescribed Diflucan yesterday. Do I need more time for the Rx to kick in? I can't even walk right now because the swelling is so bad or wear pants. Why wouldn't it be red if it was an infection? Did I damage something inside. Please help! Thanks
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im only 15 and im having the same problems. my clitoris is swollen and irratated, and some what dry. it hurts to cross my legs and even walk. ive been just wearing sweat pants. some people have said it may be an STD but i've never had sex, or done anything sexual. i dont know what to do, please help!

thanks,    :)   .
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hey guys, google "accumulation of smegma" or "clitoral adhesions." this may be your problem.
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An autoimmune disease called Behcet's Syndrome's initial symptoms closely resemble the herpes virus, causing inflammation, late, vaginal sores, cuts, fissures, and folliculitis. More symptoms develop weeks to years later, so it is very important that you find out just what it is that is causing your symptoms. Don't be too quick to brush it off as nothing, Behcet's disease affects people of every age and every race. It is important you see a doctor who know's enough to help you. Ask them about Behcet's Syndrome, if they don't know enough to tell you what it is, they won't be able to tell you if you have it or not. You can also contact the free American Behcet's Disease Website for  much more information. Behcet's is not contagious and it doesn't run in families. It is commonely triggered by strep throat, food poisoing or other infections or for unknown reasons that have permanitally damaged the immune system. Stress, injury, common illnesses, and genital to gential contact are some of the most common causes for repeated flares. People with illness need to rest more often and take better care of themselves. Even then, they will need medicine and a good doctor to stay well.
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Some of the other symptoms are chronic yeast infections, bladder inflammation that feels like an infection (often mistaken for interstital cystitis), bowel inflammation, eye inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalga, chronic fatique, and sometimes central nervous system involvement. It is important that people with this illness get treatment as soon as possible with immune suppressants by a Rhuemotologist. That is who you really need to see next.
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Hey there bbyA
I'm sorry to hear you're having similar symptoms as me. Have you seen a doctor yet? Please see a doctor very soon, especially see them when you're clitoris is swollen that way they can "SEE" whats going on. OBGYN's are their to help us, however- a lot of women that have this health issue do not go to the doctor, therefore doctors don't have that much info on what it is. The more we go, the more they know, and then the more they can help us. Unfortunately my doctor hasn't been able to help me too much but she's doing research which is good. You can read the things I've done in my posts that help me (like not wearing underwear, wearing skirts or cotten loose fitting pants and shorts, and I limit the amount of sugar or yeast.) If you can talk to your parents about this, I UGRE you to do so, this is a tough health issue and the more people you have to talk to and lean is VERY HELPFUL. Having good friends you can trust or family memebers that you can talk to helps releave the stress of having a persistant health issue, especially one this uncomfortable.

If you need to vent or have more questions please send me a message. I hope you're feeling better.



I believe Behcet's Syndrome is something different then a few of us are writing about. I haven't had any fisshers or cuts, etc on the vaginal area. I just have inflammation of the clitoris, the inner glands under the clitoral hood and my inner labia which causes sensitivity. Although I can still have the sensitivity without the swelling. Things are getting better for me, jsut at a VERY slow rate. When I reduce stress, wear loose fitting clothes, (I no longer shave down there) and stick to a diet with limited sugar and yeast- my body feels the best.

I was diagnosed with interstital cystitis about 4 years ago (I've always ahd a sensitive bladder- my diet and eating properly really helps this)  however I've tested negative for yeast ever since these symptoms started (so I know mine is not chronic yeast infections.) I haven't had any inflammation anywhere else either. If you have any other idea's I'm up for listening.


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I'm wonder if it's the interstitial cystitis that's sort of spread down your uretha to cause your pain? I know how bad that feels, I was diagnosed at one time with IC, but for me it was just one of the first symptoms of something else...but I also had the cuts. That made it something all together different for me. I also limit sugar and yeast and avoid stress as much as possible and get plenty of rest. There is no better medicine than that.
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My thing is what is Interstitial Cystitis but an autoimmune disorder. When you're seeing inflammation like that, it's because the immune system is over reacting. There are many different autoimmune disorders caused by a variety of ways the immune system can be damaged. They are all treated just about the same way, with the same drugs. When you have something like IC though, you may not be getting the "respect" that your pain is bad enough to require a stronger course of treatment. Hopefully you'll get as much relief as you deserve, but if you're not, don't be afraid to ask for a steriod dose pack every once in awhile. They give them to people every time they hurt their back, but you'll never get one for IC, although it will calm things down for you for up to 3 months.
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I came online today looking for answers for this very same condition when I came across these posts.  My symptoms are very similar to yours except - only one inner labia is swollen - VERY swollen, and is itching/burning only in the area near the clitoris (which is not infected at all)  The rest of the inner labia (only the one side mind you) is swollen but is not sore at all...just the opposite, it feels almost numb.  Let me tell you that the one sensitive area is raw nerves throbing with every heartbeat.  This has happened a few times in the past.  I have gone through the change - years ago - and I have not had sex in years either... so who knows what causes this...
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It sounds like you are suffering from some sort of peripherial nerve damage. The symptoms of this are burning pain, numbness, tingling, raw nerves etc. There are over 200 hundred different types of peripherial nerve damage and mutliple diseases and injuries that could be the cause. A common cause from nerve damage would be from shingles, but anything that damges nerves in the body could be the cause. Often, nerves that have been damaged, but not destroyed can heal, with time. Some illnesses continue to damage nerves over many years. Cortisone cream would help you for the inflammation.
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Hi there, I'm so glad I've found someone who will understand what I'm going through. I've had multiple UTI's over the past 5 months taking at least 10- 12 doses of antibiotics, only to get another UT in 4 days after.  The Dr thinks its Cystits and I'm hoping they are wrong.  I to have the white sebum or what ever it is under my clitoral hood...It wipes off but than is more painful...My bladder is uncomfortable and tingling and abit burning at times, but when on antibiotics I feel normal again,  as well as the sebum isn't so bad...I hope we can figure this out, very frustrating for both myself and my husband.  I have put myself on a diet that takes all the bladder irritants away, which really sucks and doesn't seem to be working very well and have started to take uva ursi ( BearBerry) to help my bladder...I'll keep you posted, just did some more blood work as well as urine samples a few days ago and am hoping for some good news... take care all and lets try to keep our heads up, there has got to be help and relief somewhere...

Keep smiling!
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Hey, wow, the wonders of the interweb.  

As many of the people who've replied to this thread, I've been having some similar symptoms.  I'm seventeen, have been having sex for two years.  I've had a couple of yeast infections in the past, but no UTI's.  I've had three partners, all of which have turned up negative for all and any STD's, and I've taken tests as well, which have all come back negative.  

I first noticed my symptoms about three weeks ago, after I had had sex.  It began with an onset of a frequent urge to urinate, and a bit of burning while urinating.  Some vaginal dryness during sex occurred once, but I'm not sure if this is relevant.  There was some pain and irritation during, aside from the dryness.  When I began to notice itching of my labia, and a bit of swelling/slight redness around my labia and clitoris, I brushed it off as some chafing, because they are somewhat raw, though no bleeding has occurred.  Then the buildup of white sebum under my clitoral hood and somewhat on my inner labia was commenced.  Like you, I'd try to wipe it off with a damp cloth or wipe, and it came off, but only to return later in the day.  Things are still somewhat swollen and a bit sensitive (more sensitive than normal for that area of the body).  It's quite bothersome, as I can't find anything that perfectly fits my description on any medical website and I'm weary of having sex at the moment because I don't want any of this spreading....if it is spreadable.  I'm currently on a yeast infection medicine for three days, waiting to see if that will cease any of my symptoms....though it doesn't look too promising as you and others have already tried it.  I have a OB/GYN appointment in three days, and I'll bring this concern up to her.  Do you have any updated information on any of this?  Any of you guys perchance?  What is everyone currently doing to help their symptoms?

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What a relief to find this site. I too have dealt with swollen labia, painful sex, fear of STD's (all negative) and an extreme itch that literally wakes me up in the middle of the night right before my period. Western medical doctors all 4 of them were baffled and telling me to take meds to fix it. That is not a solution for me. The only thing that  has helped me is eating clean organic food and no caffeine or alcohol and yes.. sugar. My acupuncturist has done miracles with other female hormonal issues I didn't even realize I had... like pms, adult acne and years of being on birth control. I too must keep going to the acupuncturist and it is helping slowly. Diet is the key, please research Candida which is the diet that I try my best to stick to. My new mantra is that food is medicine and my diet is crucial right now. I suggest Healing with Whole Foods as a great book to read. Recently I did see a biomedicine specialist who discussed toxins and parasites living in my digestive tract. Far fetched? I thought so but it makes total sense. He suggested I try MMS which kills all pathogens in our body and boosts the immune system. I just ordered it and will let everyone know the feedback. I have dealt with this for over 6 years and I will do anything to make this go away.
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PC26 here, yet again.

I logged on to check on everyone and holy moly there have been a number of posts on both of the forums I started. I'm happy to feel the comfort that others are going through similar problems but sad to know so many of have this issue and so few answers to go on.

However, I have good news on my end-my symptoms are still slowly getting better, I'm able to control them a little better too, and I've figured out some stuff. However, I'm not sure if I'm slowly getting better or I've plateaued to an "okay but not great" level.

I'm going to list an UPDATE of my symptoms and what I do to feel better below:

MY CURRENT SYMPTOMS (It's been 1yr 2 1/2 months):
*I’m still testing NEGATIVE for yeast and STD’s so on goes the mystery illness. HA!

*My inner labia, normally just my left one, still swells from time to time and can be a little itchy. No discoloration or anything. This happens mostly when I’m stressed, eating more sugar then I should and/or drinking alcohol two days in a row.

*The inside glands around the clitoris but under the hood swell normally when the labia do. However, GOOD NEWS, the inside right gland does go down now- it’s NOT swollen all the time.

IMPORTANT –READ THIS* I do see some sebum (the white stuff) under the clitoral hood, but this is NORMAL just not when there’s extra buildup- which I still sometimes have. I still have the little white dot (hard sebum buildup) that I can remove and the doctor has removed, but I’ve found I’m irritated for a week or 2 every time I do this so it’s not worth it, I do better when I just LEAVE IT ALONE.

****WHAT I DO FOR BUILD UP NOW: I buy fragrance free baby wipes and VERY gently clean under the hood and around the labia. HOWEVER, I only do this during the flare ups- I TRY TO LEAVE MY LABIA AND CLITORIS ALONE AS MUCH AS I CAN. The less I go poking around and “checking” it out, I’ve found the less it bothers me. I shower every day or every other day, so on the days I don’t I use the baby wipes to gently clean down there but I do NOT pull back my clitoris hood unless I have to!!    

*I do still have sex, I just limit how many times and such. I listen to my body. I don’t think this health issue is contagious, just annoying. I’ve been with my guy for a year and he’s A-OK. ; ) I use the regular kind of KY to help things out-just in case- which has been helpful (hope that wasn’t too much info.) Anyways, do what you feel. I try not to stress about this because I still want a sex life and I want that for my boyfriend as well. He’s very patient and understanding which HELPS A LOT. If your boyfriend isn’t understanding or thinks your making your symptoms up- GET A NEW BOYFRIEND AND FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL SUPPORT YOU- they are out there! If you have a husband who’s being a punk- have him read this and if he still doesn’t have sympathy- give me his number because I’ll give him a mouthful! We all deserve to have love and support!!

*I get at least 8 hours of sleep; this helps your immune system, memory, mood, and overall health. You may not need 8 hours, however get as many hours as it takes for you to feel fully rested.

*WARNING: vivid info about to follow- sorry- I no longer shave anywhere “down there.” I have found this does wonders for the sensitivity and irritation issue. I have also found that if I don’t “trim” down there it is also helpful. I’m a bit self conscious now because I feel like I’m walking around with a Congo JUNGLE between my legs but at least I’m walking around in comfort and that’s what gives me peace of mind. I just shave the bikini line so I can wear my bathing suit. And my boyfriend does his best to convince its not that bad, love him, but whatever I know it is, haha. I just have to laugh about it. My Congo Jungle and I will survive. ; )

*I’m sticking to the no sugar, no yeast and no alcohol diet, which mean I don’t cut these out of my life fully- I just limit them. I found taking all these things completely out of my life DEPRESSES me and that hurt me just as bad.

WHAT I EAT:  -Rice noodles (you can find these at Asian grocery stores if you live in the city, or Whole Foods, or Trader Joes or any all organic/natural food grocer.) It’s no comparison to wheat noodles but I’d rather of some kind of pasta then no pasta. These noodles are best if you follow Thai recipes (pad thai is yummy.)

-Yogurt for the cultures (I’ve read this is good and bad, it seems to be okay for me.)

-I allow myself Frozen yogurt because it has limited sugar and all those good cultures.

-Carrot Juice for my immune system (THIS IS VERY GOOD FOR YOU and people have been using it as a cure all for ages, however, it’s hard to drink, but the trick is: do half orange juice and half carrot juice and it makes it TASTE so much better!)

-Garlic (another age old medicinal food/herb/etc), it’s also good for your immune system. I eat things like garlic chicken or garlic shrimp.

-Zinc is also good for your immune system, you can find zinc in: Oysters (best source), Salmon, beans, Clams, yogurt, beef, lamb, pork, crabmeat and chicken. However, I try to stay away from red meats- I love them but they’re not as healthy for you.

-I stay away from wheat or malted cereal, wheat bread, anything yeast. I’ve bought rice flour which is tricky to use so I normally just stick to breads that don’t rise like Nan (Indian bread) and I’ve heard Rye is better to eat but I’m not sure about that.

-Corn tortilla’s or corn taco shells are safe as long as there’s no wheat flour.

-The rule- the fresher the food the better, I try to stick to but we’re all in a rush sometimes so I try to stick to my rules the best I can.

-Rice cakes, and rice chips and rice crackers (Whole Foods is a good place to find these.)

-Mozzarella cheese is okay and a good source of Calcium.

-I take Calcium and Zinc supplements. I try to limit my dairy intake BUT WOMEN NEED CALCIUM. My family has a history of osteoporosis so I take these vitamins and use rice milk.

-I have found the easiest types of food to make for my diet are Thai, Japanese, Mexican (if I make it not take out), and fresh American style stuff like lemon, dill chicken with jasmine rice and veggies. (Fresh squeezed Lemon does wonders for flavoring foods.)

*I knew "stress" really caused my symptoms to flare but a recent depressing and stressful situation  (this seems to be the ultimate combo- depression AND stress = swollen uncomfortable labia and clitoris.) made me realize that even if I’m feeling better this “combo” will still cause a “flare up.” SO VERY IMPORTANT: Get enough sleep and try to think positively no matter what!! I lost 3 family members and my 16 year old cat this past year, I’m currently looking for a job in a high stress industry, I’m sliding by on my budget, and I have a long distance relationship- trust me IF I CAN THINK POSITIVELY SO CAN YOU!! Life is always going to be throwing curve balls and it may be awhile before doc’s figure out what’s wrong with us (trust I will keep bugging them) so the best thing to do IS TO LIVE LIFE and let YOU rule your life, NOT this health issue. I think about it this way on my bad days- yes I’m uncomfortable, yes I don’t think it’s fair, yes this really sucks- excuse my French, but at least I’m not lying in a hospital bed with a terminal illness or at least I have all my limbs in place, etc etc. Appreciate what you have; it makes it easier to deal with what you don’t have. Okay, I hope this helps.

Good Luck to Everyone- If you have any more questions just post them on this forum and I will eventually log back on and tell you what I can.

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I recommnend you try something like Colchicrine with the other stufff. I have Behcet's Sybdrome and I also am very careful about taking care of myself and about what I put into my body just like you. Colchicrine is a prescription immune suppressant. It comes from a flower and it is the mildest and safest medication you can use to treat your symptoms. It could really give you that extra little push you need to get better. It could make the inflammation totally go away. You will always have flares but you are on the right track with learning how you can control them.
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I am experiencing some weird symptoms, some of which are like those you described:

*reddened clitoris
*sebum build up on clitoris--not the hard stuff but it's still an unusual amount
*dryness at times
*other times excessive discharge, still normal, just more than usual
*sore clitoris after a certain amount of sexual activity

i had my first uti back in october, and i have had 3 since then. i have also had 2 yeast infections in the past 3 months.
but everything was just finally starting to get back to normal.
and then the other day my boyfriend and i were fooling around and everything was great but any contact with my clitoris was horrible. it was feeling swollen but i just figured it was being oversensitive because i know that can happen during stimulation.
but anyway, when the condom accidentally brushed the clitoris it burned, and was even more sensitive for the entire rest of the night.
no pain during urination or anything....but it hurt to close my legs.
everything was fine when i woke up the next morning, and it was all fine today.
but i was noticing tonight it felt kinda weird, and i looked and it is pretty red.

i am on a few different meds, if that makes any difference:
*pentasa (an immune suppressant for crohn's disease)
*an antibacterial that i will finish in a few days
*birth control pills

i am also at the end of my cycle...i just took the last bc pill yesterday, so my period should be coming in the next couple of days. i am also under a lot of stress as my high school career is ending in a few days, and i haven't been gettting as much sleep. i also have a cold. and a weak immune system, what with the pentassa. and i have read that all of these things can be causes...maybe it's just a giant mix of a lot of things, and if i fix those things it will get better, idk?

i have been std tested, as well as all types of feminine cancers. and i don't have any of those.

i'm not sure when i can get a doctors appt next, so i'm kind of at a loss right now. i really hope this will clear up.

any ideas?

thanks for any suggestions. i will check back soon, hopefully when i do all will be well.

i also hope the rest of you are getting better, best of luck :]
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You said you have Cohn's Disease. That disease runs in my family. I have another autoimmune disorder called Behcet's Syndrome. Your gential and bladder symptoms are similiar to Interstitial Cystitis, I have that, but your bladder symptoms could also be caused by the Immune suppressants weakening your immune system. We want you to be able to control your immune system, without having to weaken it too much. Immune disorders are diagnosed mainly by the area of the body the immunes system is attacking. The clitorial inflammation is probably caused by your immune disorder. It is also common for a person with one immune disorder to develop others. Some immune disorders are triggered by genes, but others are triggered by things like other immune disorders, things in the enviroment, stress and illness.  I also take immune suppressants, so I understand the struggle to control the problem without weakening your immune system to the point that you aren't going to get sick from something else. This can be hard to do, expecially when it sounds to me like you actually really need a stronger dose of immune suppressants at this point, because your symptoms are a sign that your medication is no longer doing enough to control the disease. You need to discuss all these things with your doctor.

I have a few suggestions for supporting your immune system at the same time you are suppressing it to try to keep the immune system balanced as much as you can.

1. Pau D' Acro inner bark, the highest quality you can afford. It comes as tea, capsules and extract.The extract and capsules work the best. It is an antibotic, ant-fungal, and many many other things. It will keep your body stronge and safely help to keep any infections away on a regular basis. It will keep your yeast infections away and prevent your bladder infections from happening. It is really a powerful tool we can use to support our immune health, because we want to avoid allowing ourselves to get sick which can quickly turn into a downward spiral for us. It also will help your body to be able to heal.

2. Digestive Advantage Crohn's and Colitis Formula. Your have to try this stuff. I take it for Behcet's Syndrome becuase my illness causes similiar bowel symptoms. It's important that we put good bacteria in our bodies to keep the bad bacteria that is now being allowed to build up in us away. This will also help to support yor immune system, and balance out everything. It will make you feel better and help to slow down your flares.

3. Aloe Vera Juice This could be very helpful for you. It helps to calm the system. It can also protect you stomach and intestines from the things your are ingesting. Anything you can do to calm your system will help to slow your flares down.

4. That a mulit- vitamin. If you have a problem with all that Iron, take a mulit-vitamin without Iron. Exercise, drink 8-10 glasses of water, eat a healthy diet, avoid stress and sleep 8 hours everyday. These are the things that will slow down your flares.
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Ive had an issue with my clit being sore or swollen and sometimes bleeds for the past few days. Also have that built up of white stuff under the hood. Has anyone found out what it is? Im also pregnant and have been on antibiotics for a month now. 2x for a bacterial infection and 1 time for my gallbladder being inflammed. i just went to the doctor 4 days before i noticed this and he looked and didnt see anything. I also went the day all this happened ( just earlier in the day b4 i noticed all this) and the doc didnt find an infection or anything. so i dont know what this could be. Is it normal to have white stuff under ur clitoris hood? Ive never noticed it before. I know that i could be swollen due to being prego but i dont know about this white stuff. im irriated by it and dont know what to think. im going to make a appt.tomorrow and see what the doc says but i was just wondering if anyone knows what it is, so that i can ease my mind.
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The bladder infections amd gallbladder inflammation suggest a weakened immune system or a systemic infection of some sort. It could all be due to your pregnancy and may resolve after the birth. Or, it may be the early symptoms of an on-going immune disorder. Have you ever been treated for pinworms? Everyone should treat themselves regularly for them, but you can't do it while you are pregnant. I would start using Pau D' Acro after the birth to help get your immune system under control. Keep up with your doctor about any inflammatory problems that you have.
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