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Constant, monthly spotting, not getting Pregnant either

In February it started. 2nd part of the cycle I start spotting and doesn't stop till my period comes (regular). Can't get Pregnant either. Ultrasound was clear. My hormone levels looked fine too although we did the progesterone Levels a bit too early she said but yeah, she couldn't see anything  abnormal going on. I'm 34y now. and I was Pregnant in my 20s
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After you do the progesterone test, if it doesn't indicate an issue, ask for a uterine MRI. Sometimes tissue is left in the uterus after a pregnancy and causes scar tissue. If no other (hopefully simpler) answer is found, you'd want to rule that (and fibroids) out.
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Gosh, it's tricky sometimes to figure out.  I'd do the progesterone test over again.  My mother had this situation and it was related to her progesterone.  Are you hoping to get pregnant as well now?  
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Hmm i mean that would make ssnse..i always read low progesterone could do it. Apparently my estrogen isn't too High though. I think its hard to Get  progesterone tested when you cant exactly tell when you ovulate. I use an app and all but still. I tried ovulation tests last month. They were negative .. I dont even know if I ovulate ..my period are regular but apparently it doesn't mean too much.

That's right., I'm trying again.
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