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Endless yeast infection

Hi! I had been on birth control for 2 years until I stopped taking it in June 2018. Since then, I've been having an endless yeast infection. I have protected sex about 3x a week and it seems to get worse every time I do. I've already been to 3 doctors who all gave me creams and even oral medicine. Needless to say, none of them worked and the doctors simply said that I'd only waste money and time if I kept trying different creams. I have tried probiotics. I have been in a no-dairy, no-sugar diet. The only thing that actually makes the itching and burning temporarily go away is sitting in boiled water + baking soda for 15mins. That seems to do the trick, but as I work all day and study at night, it's impossible to do that every day and I have to put up with the pain and frustration. Please help me with any advice, I'm totally hopeless!
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Sorry it took me to long to respond, missed your question.  So, did your doctor swab your discharge to confirm if it is yeast? I'm only asking because perhaps it is a reaction to the condoms.  similar to an allergic reaction.  I guess you'd know if that is the case but thought I'd throw that out there.

Perhaps there is something with the condoms that is changing the ph of your vagina that is causing you to be susceptible to yeast overgrowth.  Also, going off of birth control pills will obviously alter your hormones and this too can make you more susceptible.  

Another avenue to explore is your blood sugar level.  Do you get your sugar checked at doctors visits?  Diabetes is associated with yeast overgrowth.  Simply changing up your diet and reducing sugar intake can help.  

And yeast loves wet and warm environments.  So . . . cotton underwear, go without underwear from time to time when you sleep to air out, change any time it is even damp such as after exercising or when you have sweat a lot.

Here is some info https://www.webmd.com/women/why-do-i-keep-getting-yeast-infections

One thing you can try is a warm bath with salt and vinegar in the tub.  I know, yuck. But it is supposed to help.  

And I'm sure you are about ready to try anything as this has to be incredibly frustrating. Sorry you are going through this hon!
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Yes, my doctor did confirm it's yeast. Trust me, I wear only cotton underwear since this thing started and I don't wear any at all when I'm chilling at home (per my doc's recommendation). They had me run a billion blood tests already, and my sugar levels are normal and healthy. I did try going on without sugar for a few weeks but it didn't work. I didn't try the salt and vinegar one, though, so that's the next one on my list. Thank you for your advice and your time :)
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Have you considered going back on birth control to see if that will help?  Also,  do you avoid oral sex - giving AND receiving - any behaviors that will introduce saliva into your vagina?
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I've been avoiding receiving but not giving. And going back on birth control was honestly never an option. The reason I stopped is because I went into deep depression because of it (I went through at least 5 different pills before giving up) and the experience was so terrible that it makes me scared of going through that ever again.
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