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Feeling pregnancy symptoms 3 weeks after mc & d/c and an unprotected sex

Please can you help me with this issue, on 30th Jan. 2016, I had a MC and on the same day I had a d&c, after which I bled for about 1 week, so on 8th Feb, I had an unprotected sex with my husband 3times thereafter, then a week after, I began to feel another early pregnancy symptoms, I got a urine ptest and was still tested negative... pls I want u to tell me if am truly pregnant or not so that I will know how take good care of my self. Thanks

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I wouldn't test early, wait to see if you're late. I had many early pregnancy symptoms, decided to test and it was positive(faint line)  4 days before period. Then my period came a few days later. I had a chemical pregnancy, very devastating! Good Luck!
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