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Fluttery feeling in lower abdomen

I'm new to this site. I'm not sure where to find an answer to this. I will try and make this short...

I've been wondering if I am pregnant, for a while, now. All pregnancy tests, are coming back negative. I try putting it out of my head, telling myself I am not, but the symptoms are still there. They haven't gone away. I am gaining weight, my stomach looks/feels bigger. I won't list all of my symptoms, because they are your typical pregnancy symptoms. But I will be getting a blood test, in this next week. I could possibly be 2 months pregnant, but I just don't know.

Just a few minutes ago, I got this really strange feeling in my lower abdomen. Like a fluttery feeling. I thought..."Okay, that was weird. Maybe it was just nothing." About a minute later, I got it again. Pause. And again. I've never felt anything like it, before. I felt it coming from my uterus, area.

I know that it is probably way too early, to be feeling any baby movement (if I'm even pregnant), but I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this/knows what it could be, or if it's just nothing. Even though it didn't feel like "nothing".

Thank you very much. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Take care. <3
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It may be gas. I am 2 months 4 days and i have felt that once...i think it is gas though. Let me know how your blood test turned out! good luck!
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It is slightly possible that even with negative home pregnancy tests and being only at 2 months, you might feel a pregnancy.  Get the blood test to be sure.  
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its definitely too early to feel movement.  Even if you were pregnant, you normally dont feel the baby move until at least 4+ months (I never felt mine until well into 5th).  I tend to agree with teh above poster that it's just gas.
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^^ are right, i had the same fluttery feeling in my belly even after i had my dd, the baby moving around and gas are VERY similar, i hope you get the results you want from the blood test!
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I have had 4 babies and 4 miscarriages...I too know what you mean about the butterfly feelings...Gas??? Not sure if that is what you can call it...I just know I had it everytime I was pregnant and also had the same questions you had...so keep your hopes up... thru my own experiences, the only time I ever had those movements were when I was pregnant.
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Gas or 'creating symptoms'.  Sometimes we freak ourselves out to the point of creating symptoms, and really feeling them.  Have you missed a period?  
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Thanks to everyone, for the feedback.

Even though I've never had that feeling, before (and I had it again, today), I've just decided it was gas. Again, I don't think that I am pregnant, but some part of me does. It sort of drives me nuts, and I feel somewhat crazy, sometimes. Now I have a doctor's appt. on Friday, so I'll see what's up.

Today, I saw a video of myself (taken today, as well)...I was so taken aback, because my stomach looked pregnant. I usually have a flat stomach, but it looked like a pregnant belly! Not "chub". It completely caught me off guard, because I realy didn't know if I was imagining that. So, it's obviously there. But... I'll see on Friday.
Again, thanks for the feedback.
Anymore is welcome.
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I to had a baby and at the time I was thinking that I had the flu but then I start feeling that same fluttery and everyone called me crazy. Well let's say it was not the flu and I was pregnant. Mt son is now 6 years old and will be 7. I am now going through the same thing now the fluttery and I think I'm pregnant but everyone once again think I'm crazy but everyone knows their bodies.
ive been having that feeling I am pregnant, had it with my first child and ive been having the symptoms but I think I might be either crazy and putting it in my head or I really am but to early to tell
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I am having the same symptoms myself everyone thinks its gas. I havent had gas and my stomach doesnt hurt. ive had the fluttery feeling all day off and on...i have had gastrenitis before and this is def different. i am going to get my test taken after i get back from the store. ill let you know how it goes. also my sis didnt find out she was pregnant until she was 5 months because she didnt have enough of that hormone.
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I've had the same fluttery sensation and I've had my tubes tied/burned.  So, I know that I'm not pregnant, but at the time I have these sensations, I am not very gassy.  I am not sure what they are.  The only thing that fits is that they are muscle contractions.  Just part of getting older.  How old are you?  I do have to say that after 3 kids, my first reaction is that I'm pregnant and the baby is moving.  It's the SAME sensation.  Exactly!  So, I hope for your sake that you ARE pregnant, it's the most wonderful thing in the world, except for your children.  Good luck!

Momof3very active kids
I am having the same movement in my lower part I am 55 years old this moving feelinh goes and comes but latey this moving feel is every day. Iam a Mother of eight Children and I know what gas is this isn't know dam gas. Making me an appointment to my doctor tomorrow. I try to wait it out to see if this moving stop but it hasn't something is wrong. I hope I don't have know parasite growing inside me.
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I just looked at the date of your post...Hope everything turned out the way you wanted!
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i'm 20 yrs old and sexually active and have been in a long term relationship sense i was 14. I have had the same fluttery sensations but it's not just in my abdonmen but also my sides and in my kidneys. I wish i could get it checked because i to along with many women am driveng myself nuts wondering that P word. I know condoms are not 100% safe, but i have normal periods. I pray that i am not pregnant. even though i would be a very nurturing mother and would never think about adoption or abortion I am not ready to be a mother. However this is not something i can get checked due to no health insurance....any suggestions or ideas on what the heck this could be....there not painfull just different and awkward..never felt these sensations before....they are on and off all day long
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I am having these wierd feelings... it feels like their are bubbles in my stomach and i have an achy back all the time and i am very tired. I havent had the time of the month yet,.. should i be worried????//
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its either gas or your stomach being irritated

you said " I havent had the time of the month yet" as in your late for your period...but you have not said you missed your periods before....so if you have been getting your period but are now late.....it would not be a baby moving...its entirely too early to feel movement

if you think your pregnant then the ONLY thing to do is take a test
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I get a feeling in my lower stomach, usually on the left side, and not sure what it is either. My boyfriend and I joke that its "the baby kicking" but I had about 10 pregnancy tests when it all started and an ultrasound and they all came out negative. The doctors still dont know whats wrong with me and its been since Feb of this year. Ive had all the symptoms since then, and have gained 25 lbs and up until the last couple months my period was normal. but the last 2 have been.... odd. That is the only word I can think of to describe them. I am waiting on a call from a specialist and I really hope she helps because my regular doctor doesnt know what to do after that. I hope that things go better for you and you get an answer right away.
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I have missed my period before and im feeling a ton of pressure on my bladder... do you think it could be anything?
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its gas. your having pressure on your abdomen...(like you do when you have gas) and your feeling gas bubbles.

if you have been missing your periods and think your pregnant then you have to take at test

so take a test
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Im 16 and just wondering my sister and i are really close we were talking the other day and she was saying how her brests are a little tender and a tiny darker also she gets cramps but did not miss her period she had it but for 3 days witch she usually gets it for 5 and this is the first time it has changed   and then about a week later she had a little bit of spoting and now says she has dizzyness when she stands up and has a higher temp then usual she doesnt know what to think so i was just wondering if you thought that she could possibly be pregnant
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Ok, I have had such a hard time getting preggo. I have been trying for 3 years now. There were months when I missed my period but never seemed to be pregnant. well Dec, I got my period, but it was weird, it was very dark and wouldn't come down...it was just there when I wiped and Jan had a missing period. I took pee tests and they are neg! I have no idea what is happening. I felt the flutter and my back hurts and my nipples are slightly tender. Im getting head aches 2. Any advice?
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I'm starting to think even MORE that I am, reading this. I sure as hell hope not... can't stand kids AT ALL. taking a test first thing tomorrow morning. I ***** having to wait and then taking it and if it comes back negative, freaking out anyway even more cause deep down you hope more then anything that it was correct. like frick... It's irritating though hey? I need to calm down. haha
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im only 16 years old and i've been with my boyfriend for 5months now, and we havent had sex at all because im not ready. anyway we started to have fun with eachother like i wanked him off and he fingered me and than he finished of wanking for me and he you know.. all over his hands and he wiped it than fingered me with the same hand, somehow his sperm probaly got into my vagina , that happened like  12 days ago and now i keep getting this fluttery feeling down below my stomach and to the left side of my stomach and i keep getting back pains, cramps, headaches and slightly dizzyness .  does it mean im pregnant ?           someone please help !   thank you   x
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firstly, I had a baby 4 months ago. Never thought that it is possible to get pregnant when using the pill as well as condoms! Long story short...even though the chances are very slight for you to be pregnant as sperm 90% of the time dies when coming in connection with air, it is possible. Signs of pregnancy:
First 8 weeks- tiredness and fatigue, not being able to stay awake. A pain in your lower abdomen as if you are going to have a period soon, but you miss a period. Sore breasts when material brushes against them. Sudden aversion to familiar foods. Moodiness and of course nausea. Some women don't get these symptoms, but sweetheart...if a woman is pregnant, she knows. I had no reason to think I was as I had no symptoms...I just woke up one morning and knew. Have you thought about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome?) Are you constipated, do you have stomach pain and do you feel a lot of discomfort? Go to your gyneacologist and get yourself checked out. I think it is unlikely that you are pregnant...(a fluttering movement usually starts around 13 to 20 weeks) backpain only coms much later due to the changes to posture. I would however consider IBS...good luck.
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Morning ladies i found out i am pregnant on the 12 13 and 14 of April i took 3 test cause i had a silly dream i was looking at positive pregnancy test and didnt want to believe it at all so i had to prove my self wrong well i didnt they were positive all 3 of them any way here is my long but shorten story ....

on the 28th of Jan i had a typical heavy the first day of my period and tapering off ending in 6-7 days on the last day i had the yucky brown spotting

in feb in was 3 days early and had very light spotting which last 3-4 days .. it was weird for me ... took a pregnancy test cause i was experiencing pregnancy symptoms Headache flu cramping and cramping which went down my right leg...

18th started spotting again 19th march i had a very light period which lasted 3 days ... no pregnancy symptoms at all well tender boobs and my back aching (i have a retoverted uterus) thought i was getting my PMs later than normal didnt think much of it ...

No today i am 7 days late which i knew i would be from the test down on the 12-13 and 14th but i can fell flutters in my stomach ... this is my 4th pregnancy and 2 weeks i put it down to gas cause i would blow off and burp not long after i felt the bubbles in my stomach .. i am going in for a scan on Thursday so i shall find out how many weeks pregnant i am ... so i am either 4weeks 7 weeks or going by the period on the 28th 12 weeks

How soon after having other births can you feel these movement .. they only happen when i have a Milo drink cause i have gone off Coffee and other beverages
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iv bin gettin fluttery feelings in my lower abdominal, iv took pregnancy tests and all came back negative and i take the pill religiously, am gettin very panicky over this as am already a single parent 2 a 2 yr old...........has any1 experienced these flutters.
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