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Gettin older

I was wondering if i am the only one. I remember the days of getting my pd and it bein no big deal. I'd throw a tampon in and go about my business. Not much pain or anything. NOW, It a whole other story. I get crippled! I am in so much pain! I'm healthy so I'm not worried something is wrong. Is it age? It keeps getting worse.Why???? Is it just me? It hurts to stand,stand up straight, ........... live. I am takin somethin for the pain,but I need more! i sweat, then freeze. I look like dh beats me. I crushed my elbow in the suburban door (yes, I said elbow), fell in the yard, two huge knots from that one. totally crushed my finger,............. ect. I never used to be so accident prone. Ugggg,THE JOY OF BEIN A WOMAN!
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oh yeah, for all of you pd. trackers - I have been marking L.P. on the calender ( Lucy's period). Here it goes. ---
August - 29th
Sept. -18th
Oct. -17th
Nov. - 9th spotting = then started  - 14th
Now dec - 5th

I'm early! Right? I don't know. it keeps getting closer and closer together. Is that ok?

I'm done havin kids (sniff,sniff).

GOOD NEWS - I won't be on my pd for Christmas!!!!

Thanks ladies
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Lucy, I swear sometimes reading your stories is like looking in a mirror. I know JUST how you feel.
I had AF for like 8 to 10 days. Then about 6 days after it ended it was back! Lasted for 16 or 17 days. FINALLY ended about a week ago and now I am in so much pain. Kind of feels like I'm ovulating an Ostrich egg!
I'm gonna be really P'Oed if AF shows up anytime soon. Gonna have to buy stock in Tampax and Kotex!!  
Getting old BITES!!
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Hi Lucy.  Sorry to here about what is going on with you.  How old are you?  Is it possible you could be going into perimenopause/menopause? - that will change your cycles.  What about endomentriosis (sp?)?  Just throwing ideas out there.
If your cycles have been changing I would recommend going in for you annual, getting bloodwork and a pap done etc. to check on things.  It certainly cant hurt and may shed some light on things.
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hi lucy...
i mentioned you getting your period in the post down below when you were worried about your hubby.
i am very regular with mine and can pretty much count down on the calander as to when its coming. i am usually right on within a day or two.
i am PMS right now and it should be on its way. i think of you when its coming because i know we are on about the same schedule. you get yours a few days before i do. therefore, i do not think its out of whack and you are on time. i also think diet/stress...you know the ususal...has a lot to do with how crampy and moody we are. just pop the midol and call it a day.our bodies to change and tweek itself as we get older and hormones fluctuate.
if you got AF i better keep the tampons by my side! take care!
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Yeah, this gettin older stuff does suck. I already have a ton of gray hair! Got to get it colored before Christmas!!!! They just shine, screeming "LOOK AT ME'!!  
I got some of those liquid advil's. They rock! I went and did my tae bo this mornin and everything. I'm worm plum out though. I could feel it kick in on about my 3 cup of coffee. i was good to go then. lol i hope they keep workin.  I'm gonna take another one. It says no more than 6 in a 24 hour period. I think I can handle that.

OCEANS - Get ready!!
I'm glad ,if we are on the same time frame, and your normal. Then I guess i am too. i go for a  female torture test next month. Gettin it all checked out. It's been way to long! Not lookin forward to it though.........

How is everybody's day??

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I wish I could tell you it gets better with age, but no can do!
I should by stock in Miss Clairol! LOL

When you get older and start having hot flashes and all (like me) you will almost wish for AF.  I said almost!

I hope you have a great day!
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Well, I just tried to get dressed. I said tried. My pants are so tight!!! I've bent stretched, squated and everything else. They are still tight!  Uggggg! I feel so gross. I'm goin for the warm up suit.  

My day is goin ok ,i guess. I'm goin to my Mamaw's for her Birthday. 89!! Still cookin everyday. That means I get my biscuits and gravy!! Definatly goin for the warm up suit.
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My sister goes through what you are describing and she becomes the meanest, evilest person in the world when it happens.  I'm ten years behind her, so that may very well happen to me.  If you become evil like my sister does let your family know so they don't think you are out of your mind.
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i went to my dr for my pap last week. i complained i am getting hairier and my cycle has started changing,(well after my mc). she laughed and said well you are 35 now. AAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG so im going to ruin your day and say it gets worse! fine lines, grey hairs, a hair on the chin, forget what you were looking for when the kid distracts you, maybe its not older age, but i am crazy! i feel for you girl! i still think i am younger, then a high school kid says, excuse me ma'am! god i want to beat them. im not longer a hot mama, except to the drooling 80 year old that the 80 year old ladies wont have anything to do with. im just kidding, he just prefers boobs that hang to the belly button not the waist!! hehe. that is a whole nother ball of wax-and i wont go there.
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I hear ya girls!  Having a good sized rack when I was in my 20s was considered desirable by the opposite sex.  Now, when I lay down, "the girls" have a mind of their own.  They don't stay upright.  One goes east, and the other goes west.  They look like fried eggs.
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fried eggs!!!!!HAHA
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I know what ya mean about the rolls. It's like i have two ham's hangin off the sides. i swear if my strech marks would go back together I'd be 3 sizes smaller!  My hair is naturaly an auburn/dark brown. When i colored it back to my natural nobody  believed me! It looked so dark! I guess cause I haven't seen it in many, many years. lol  I think that's what I'm gonna do. I think dh likes the blond in it though. i have it dark with blond highlights in it. SO MUCH UPKEEP THOUGH! Summer time it's not that bad cause the sun bleaches it. oh well, i'm gonna try it and let ya know. I hope my hair doesn't fall out.
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You all are makin me feel much better. lol i don't have the chin hair yet, but the upper lip hair - oh yeah! Unibrow - huge. My eyebrows look like two of those fuzzy carterpillar's. Fightin over space.  I pluck'em, but they always end up uneven though.  I tell ya - those women who have all kinds of kids and still look great - I HATE. My sweet lil' angels wre like a wreckin crew goin thru. I am now a road map that will give directions all over the u.s. and parts of europe. I gotta roll my boobies just to put'em in my brazeer.  An my butt - we won't even go there. The wrinkles , some say they give character, I say they give a reason for depression. AND GRAY HAIR I can't beleive it! soooo upset about that one!

One question - I have long hair. At what age should a woman cut her hair. Does it really matter?  it seems like when a woman hits a certain age they cut it. i need to start doin that grown up look, I guess. I still feel like i'm 18 (just not pg)lol. i don't wanna start wearin those mom jeans and stuff. i have moved to shoppin in womens department. Jeans fit so much better! I just don't like the style. I like the funy t's and stuff. Am I too old to wear it?
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you dont need to cut your hair at a certain age! some people dont even look good with short hair no matter what their age is. just get it shaped up. keep it longer, but layers. coloring def. helps a lot!! gives ya that "kick" ya need. you should go auburn/ red. anyway, coloring makes your hair shiney and softer.
as for the clothes, no need to settle there either. i am 37 going on 17. i shop at american eagle, old navy and abercrombie.
old navy especially, you can find jeans to fit you. low waist is great (except my fat rolls hang over) but they look good once they are on and shirt covers it all up. its awful but no one else needs to know that right? just that we are COOL in our name brand teeny bopper jeans.
ok..i gotta go pluck that wirey hair under my chin! really, i do.
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I am falling apart as well.

Gross, nasty AF.

Rolls at the waist.

About 5 weeks ago I woke up and looked in the mirror and thought "Who is that old chick."

So, I went out and cut off my long red hair (natural) and had it coloured strawberry blonde.

Then I joined a gym and have lost 9 lbs so far.

January 2 I turn forty and the next week I get braces.

I may be having a mid-life crises but I'm on my way back to hot.  (as in sexy not hot-flash)
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Happy early birthday and an early welcome the the 40 and up club. I too did similar things.  Instead of Invisalign braces, I cheated and veneers put on, the Lauren Bacall look was not working for me as I aged. (LOL) Cut 6 inches off my hair and invested in a good stylist/colorist.  I understand the hot flashes........post surgical menopause for me.  The belly got bigger and my breasts got smaller, fortunately the breast shrinkage was a good thing, next year breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck.  However, I must say that my friends tell me I've never looked better, so I don't know if it's the hair, the anti-aging cream or that I'm not bowled over in cramps.  

I enjoy reading your posts.  I hope you have a happy holiday!
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I don't just look older, heck I feel older. I don't have the energy for all that!!!  Some days it's all I can do to get my brood off to school and work and get everything done that I have to do and then it's time for kiddies again.  That means homework.  By the time we're finished with that, it's time to eat, AGAIN.  Then by the time bathes and everything is finished, it's bedtime.  When do you all find time, much less energy for it all?  I just want to send them on their way, go back to bed, and pull the covers over my head most days.
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I gave up housework and now live in chaos.....
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