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Hi girls I have a quick question. I was at school and I felt wet *down there* but I thought it was only discharge but when I got home I gent to the restroom and I saw alot of brown lines and I wanna know if it's my period
P.S. I haven't gotten my period so I don't know what it looks like
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Congratulations I think u got ur period
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You got your period alright it might seem exiding the first times then it gets old and after a while you are really bored with the whole thing
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Congrats -- it's your period.  

Get yourself some pantiliners, maxipads, and tampons (get the kind of box that has different sizes, I think Tampax makes one).  You will get the hang of it quite fast, and will soon know how long your flow is and which days to expect to be the most heavy so you can bring supplies to school in the appropriate amount.  If you get cramping, Advil or Nuprin are the best.

Also, you might want to get some graph paper and start charting.  The first day of your period is always "Day 1."   Turn the graph paper sideways and write 1 through 31 or 32 across the top of the chart, and then below, write the month and the day (this would be November/December) like this:

Cycle day     1    2     3     4      5      6      7      8     etc. --->

Nov./Dec.     30   1     2     3     4   etc. --->

Then on days you bleed, circle the dates in red or just write them in red.

Start a new calendar line with the first day of your next period, when it comes.  Over the next few months, the chart will form a graph, and your periods will line up.  You'll have a good visual of how long your periods are and how regular.

These charts can be really handy for planning at times when you might want to look forward and see if you'll be on your period at a given date, and for noting things like ovulation mucus (it comes in the middle of the cycle) and cramps.  

Take care, while it is something that at first can seem a real intrusion in your life, it's part of being female and being female is great!

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