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Herpes or yeast infection
Okay I'm fricken terrified. Recently me and my BF have had intercourse. Been having unprotected sex for about a year now. But last weekend,  Some freaky things happened, including cocaine and a few beer bottles in my vagina. Ended up with a terrible YI .. During treatment globs of yeast would literally fall out of my vagina. Like quarter size globs. Well everything was all fine and f***ing dandy until I ended up with this sore. It's pusless. Only stings when I pee or touch it. It isn't a crator type just a flat red spot.. Freaking the f*** out bc I think it's herpes? No odor (never was) no discharge anymore ( only one I ever had was the cottage cheese like basic s***) it has a glossy appearance and again it isn't crusted or never started off as a blister or pimple.. So like has anyone ever had this with yeast infections? I'm pregnant (only 4 weeks) and I've heard that could lead to possible "complicated" cases. It's just a small (think of this big (...) ) circle, red, painless, outer labia, nothing else. Oh and it has this glossy appearance? I suppose it's just normal wet stuff that all sores get. Isn't white or green puss tho. Again.. Sore isn't concave either. It's flat. The white **** on my vagina is from the residual yeast, I've read it's normal. Also sore isn't scabbing, it's shrinking? More and more everytime I put monistat cream on it. Anyone who has herpes is this what it looks like? Anyone with severe YI??
I have a doctors visit Monday but I'm afraid the sore will be completely shrunken down by then and what if it doesn't show in blood test :((((
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Ps... Just took.a peek at the sore again and it seems like it's shrunken enough and is now starting to fade? Right as the residual yeast is leaving as well? I used monistat 1 at first and it didn't do shyte so I just finished the 7 2 days agoish .. Again no crust .. Like wtf human body
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If the sore is going away it's probably not herpes but tissue irritation from vigorous sex. Herpes sores are usually open sores.

The beer and cocaine is a concern, though.
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