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Help Advice Large Ovary

we need Advised about the my mom situation is got abdominal pain and based on the scan details as follows:
Abdominal CT SCAN:

Plain and IV contract multi-axial Image of the whole Abdomen were taken. Oral and rectal Water contrast were given.
S/P TAHBSO. There is a lobulated 15x12x12cm. predominantly cystic structure filling the pelvic cavity thin and thick separations. Some wall cannot be delineated from adjacent intestinal segment
Liver and Spleen are normal in size with smooth contour and homogenous texture. The biliary tract is undiluted with non-visualized gallbladder.

the kidney are normal in size configuration and functioning.

the rest on the visualized intestinal tract are intact. No ascots, lymphadenopathy nor intestinal obstruction is demonstrated.

the visual osseous structures and the rest of the study are intact.

Please advised what to do.
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Hi there. When is her follow up with her doctor to go over the results?  They often can be reached by phone to discuss something and if something is of GREAT concern, they call you and bring you in right away (in cases of cancer).

Saying that pelvic tumor has 'recurred' would mean she's had a pelvic tumor before.  What is the situation with that in terms of her history?  
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we are looking for second opinion or test. the first operation 3yrs ago. diagnosis is myoma on her ovary. they took her out her ovary.
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