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Hysterectomy Gone Wrong

I am a 37 year old woman who had a total hysterectomy over 1 year ago
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however, your physical pain/numbness may be due to something left behind after the surgery (surgical instrument, surgical pad, etc)...i saw a documentary on this and it was astounding about how much this occurs. i don't think a hysterectomy should cause as much pain as you are experiencing.
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First, let me say it is exceedingly rare, though not unheard of, for surgical instruments to be left behind.  Those rare cases where it happen--obviously get a great deal of media attention and huge financial recoveries.  Not impossible, but not common.  A simple xray would tell if this has happened to you.

But--if you are having so many problems and your doctor told you right off the bat "that many women have hormone problems and it's all in their heads"...you need a new doctor or at the very least, another opinion on what is happening.  This doctor clearly has an agenda and may not look past his own mindset.

I'd contact a GYN at a major university-affiliated hospital and see if I couldn't get in for a consultation.  Bring your list and stay until you both have come up with a diagnostic and treatment plan that is acceptable and will move you forward in solving this problem.
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Thank you both for your comments.  I really appreciate it.  Once my physician saw I was having problems, he told me I was constipated and had me on laxatives for 3 months.  Then I had a colonoscopy and found nothing wrong.  After that he told me that because I had no more female organs that he was not the right doctor for me and that he could do nothing more to help me.  Since then I have been to a few doctors and it took me a very long time to get my insurance to approve everything.  My endoc. asked me to research physicians that specialize in "after a bad hysterectomy" care...  

Thanks for any suggestions you all might have
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I hope this site helps you. I feel for you I also wish you the best. http://www.womenshealthnetwork.org/health/link_details.php?tid=19
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First I want to no who your docter is.  I had some blockage caused by cysts on one of my ovaries it was quite large. My docter said there was a chance it could become cancerous but it was my choice at the time I was pregnant I decided againest.  I then went on to have a third child.my docter told me the only way they would preform the hystorectomy was if cancer cells did appear.  I have had my tubes tied I still have the same cysts and I still have my insides
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Have you tried going to a Chiropractor?  It sounds like your knee or hip might be out.  If you don't want to try a Chiroproactor, try sleeping with a pillow between your knees when you are on you side and under your knees when you are on your back.  It helped me with the pain and the backache.
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I had a hysterectomy a year ago by one of the best in the US.  I had extensive adhesions and major complications due to endometriosis gone crazy.  I still have some issues with adhesions.

My suggestion to you is to contact the Pelvic Pain Clinic at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The docs there are incredible.  If I had had a surgeon in any other hospital in the area, I am relatively sure I would have a colostomy, urostomy, or both.  I was told that even these experts had a difficult time, but I kept full funcion of my urinary system and bowels!!


The other thing I would suggest is to check out HysterSisters.  It is an incredible community of women who are going to have/have had/are thinking of having a hysterectomy.  It really, really was a lifesaver for me!  You can exchange ideas with other women, commiserate, etc.  It's free - although if you get benefit from it, I'd recommend buying a membership (1 year is around $25).  I honestly believe that it made a HUGE difference in my recovery - both mentally and physically.

And last, but certainly not least, I'd recommend looking into Myofascial Release.  This was recommended by my surgeon when, after 12 weeks of recovery, I still couldn't sit for more than 45 minutes without excruciating pain.


Is the link to one mode of MFR.  I can't tell you how much this has helped me.  My treatment was covered by insurance as it was done by a physical therapist.  It is a manual technique that will start to break up the adhesions that are probably responsbile for a lot of your pulling pain (if you are anything like me).  If you go to hystersisters.com, you can click on a link on my profile (same user name - EsmereldaPea) to email me.  I can help you to find some resources if you'd like.  You shouldn't have to go through this much pain, and shame on your doc for not helping you!  I can't say enough good things about my surgeon.

Good Luck - I really, really hope that you're near enough to the U-M to at least get evaluated there (although many people travel there from many places).

Again, I cannot believe the callousness of your doctor - in my opinion, he should have his sexual organs ripped out and see how it affects his life.  I'll bet you dollars to donuts that he wouldn't look at this so lightly then.  Please know that help and support is out there for you, and you DO NOT have to bear the boorishness of this insensitive doc.  Once you are feeling better, I'd recommend a good talking to with him - it did wonders for me when I confronted a doc I saw before my suregery who had a similar attitude.

Please try to send me an email through the hystersisters site (you don't have to join to do that, I don't think) so I can know how you're doing.

Love and Light,
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I had a hysterectomy aswell July 8th 07 but the only real problem aside from the regular aches and pains is I have lost control of my bladder. Like when I wake up in the morning I am wet and when I use the restroom it is like a shooting pain through my urinary tract. I actually have to cut the process of urination off at the end to avoid that pain. The laying flat on the bed thing and feel pulling I have but I hope after time this will go away. If I can just firgure out this other thing...I will wait maybe another month then find a urologist. I am pretty pain tolorant but not being able to hold my bladder at 36 is not going to get it. Then the pain in the bathroom is just not acceptable to me...
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I had hysto Dec 06 and I too had problems controlling my bladder and couldn't tell when my bladder was full no sense of having to urinate.  Sometimes I would lean or put pressure on my kidneys to help release fluid...After 5 months of this, I started doing my kegle (?)exercise & would squat in the shower or bathtub and tighten and release my muscles and repeat this number of times.  I am now able to feel the urge to urinate and can control my bladder...So 6 weeks is nonsense, it's more like 6 months.
As for your pain, sounds like you might have gotten an infection ...go see doctor asap for this not good for your kidneys.
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After my hysterectomy in 2001 I have never felt good I get much pain in my left side( that was the ovarie was removed ) my legs hurt and I can barley walk at times I cannot work anymore the pain in my legs and back is to intense. I feel like my life has been stolen from me.
Any suggestions welcome I want my life back I was very out going please help Doctors can't figure me out.
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I had a partial hysterectomy,bladder repair and fibrous remove.

I thought I was doing well till my husband and I had sex (after 6 wks)

Very painful and he can not penetrate all the way. It feels like he is hitting a wall and it is very painful.

What is wrong?
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My sister had a perlapsed uteris and had a histerectamy now she is knumb in her back and legs and head, what could have happened? She is going crazy over it!
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