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I have no feeling in my breasts except in my nipples?

A bit of background, I’m 18 and a 34 K cup. I thought it was H a few months ago, but I got them actually properly fitted recently (not over the shirt, but fitted how it’s actually supposed to be). Anyways, I have no feeling in (most of) my breast. If you were to just touch it, I would not feel it unless you actually pinched pretty hard. It feels on my hands like I’m touching someone else and not myself. BUT, I can feel touch pretty easily when you touch my nipples. I’d probably consider them sensitive, maybe? I think it’s been this way as long as I can remember, but I’ve only noticed it recently so I’m not sure. I’ve only found searches for the nipple having no sensitivity, not the surrounding breast. Is this normal?
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It's possible that being in a cup size that is way too small for a prolonged period has numbed your skin, by pinching off small blood vessels or nerves. If you have been in the right size now, over time the skin sensitivity should come back. It could take a while, though.
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