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Im spotting, could I be pregnant?

Ok, I don't know who to ask this question. Ok Im spotting for like two days now. Not noticable unless I go and wipe myself. The color is a little brownish pinkish. Could I be pregnant? Last period was March 20, 2006. I have just begun my periods again since I stopped breastfeeding so I'm not sure how many days in a cycle I usually have. My husband and I had sex on March 31 (technically its April 1 since it was after midnight) and again later on that day. Then late April 2nd i started spotting. Has the egg implanted in my womb already and thats why im spotting? I thought it took several days for it to be implanted? If I am pregnant it's probably going to be another boy since the Y sperm is faster than the X sperm...I don't know if I am pregnant or my mind is playing tricks on me...
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I have been reading webistes and i don't know how it can be implanted that quick. The websites taht I've read said that typically you will notice spotting when it implants in a 5-7 days... It's just weird, I guess how this is happening. I didn't realized it would just take maybe a day for it to be implanted already...
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That does not sound like implantation bleeding (unless you had sex with him earlier than that as well.).  Implantation takes place about a week (give or take) after fertilization.  If you had unprotected sex around a week before then, there is a possibility that is what it was.

Since you just finished breastfeeding, your cycles have not had a chance to regulate yet.  Give them time.  If you still feel like you are in fact pregnant, wait until your period is due to come, and if it does not come take a home pregnancy test.

Good luck to you!

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Ok. Thank you for clearing that up for me then. We did not have sex the week before because he was out of town. It could be something else but I will defintely make sure I take a pregnancy test if my period doesn't come this month.
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Yeah, the spotting must be from something else.  Implantation takes more than 1 day.
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Your cycles are probably just getting regulated again.  Implantation usually occurs between day 7 and 10.  The first few days, the fertilized egg is traveling through the tubes, then the uterus before it implants. It is also possible that the sex triggered some pre-menstrual bleeding or caused some shedding of old blood.
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I started spotting today.  Ten days have past since I ovulated.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about two months now.  My period is not supposed to start for another five days.  I hope this is a good sign.  I am very nervous.  What else could it be other than pregnancy?  I am usualy regular.  
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