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Iron Supplements and Heavy Period

I was recently tested for anemia and my doctor told me that I could go on an iron supplement right away as even if I am not anemic chances are I am not getting enough iron in my diet. I promptly went to the drugstore and bought an iron supplement and am currently taking the amount recommended by the pharmacist for women who are not anemic (if anemia is confirmed I would bump up the dose). I have been taking the iron for two days and my period (I was just at the start of one) has gotten extremely heavy. I am on the pill and normally have light periods that are even lighter by this point. Is this a normal side effect of iron supplements?
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First of all we should describe what are heavy periods?
The correct medical definition of heavy periods is the passage of more than 80ml of blood each period.
Periods are considered heavy when:
1) a woman bleeds for more than 8 to 10 days, especially if this is repeated month after month.
2) a woman bleeds so much that it is difficult for her to attend her job. She may be forced to plan her holidays and leisure time according to the timings of her period.
3) the bleeding is continuously so heavy that the woman becomes anemic.
4) the presence of other than small clots for more than one or two days suggests heavy periods.
5) 'flooding' describes the sudden, unexpected onset of periods, like turning on a tap, and indicates heavy periods.
Secondly we see side effect in Iron overdose. However heavy period is not reported as a side effect of Iron supplements.
For more information you can see
I agree that iron causes heavier periods from personal experience. Iron also causes me to get my cycle every 21 days instead of my regular 28 day cycle. Have been diagnosed with iron defience anemia. Doctors will disagree but I know my body. If I take iron my cycle is definitely affected. It takes a month or so of not taking them to return to my regular cycle.
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