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Is This The New Norm After Sex?

Whenever I have protected sex, afterwards or the following day I always notice an odor. The odor is like a vinegar/sour smell, is this a recurrence of BV or just my pH balance being thrown off? And what can I do to eliminate this problem or better control it?  
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Well, I'm not sure.  Have you tried different brand condoms so you are sure you aren't reacting to something specific with the condom you have been using?  Stranger things have happened.  Otherwise, I'd go see your doctor to swab your discharge and look for bacteria.  Then you can rule out BV if it is clear of that.  
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I use Trojan "Magnum" but it dawned on me just last night that oral sex has been involved whenever I've smelled that particular smell. After reading several articles, stated within bacteria from the saliva can cause the pH balance of the vagina to be thrown off.  I can most definitely try a different type of condom and bring this up to my Gynecologist come next week. Thank you for your response!
You are welcome.  Do you have any itching by the way?  Let us know what the doctor says!!
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