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Large Lump on Rib below Left Breast

I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
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you should always get lumbs checked out better safe than sorry
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oh gosh please let me know if u find out anything on that lump. I have one just like ur describing and the surgeon who removed a lump from my left breast last yr refused to even acknowledge it being there
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-- Is your lump large and right ontop of your rib? I had a tumor removed from my right breast which was benign and this is so different. But I'm going to a Surgeon the 23rd of May  and he's gonna remove it and send it to pathology. I would make sure that you have yours done the same. Take care
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What did they find with the lump on your rib? Thanks good luck
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Wow your symptoms sound exactly like mine, i had to do a double take to make sure that it wasnt my post. I have a lump on the bottom rib on the left side under my breast. I had it checked out at docs and it feels like bone matter and doesnt move at all it is firmly stuck. I only noticed it since i had my first child. It seems like it could be scar tissue from when i cracked the rib years ago when i had a really bad cough (believe it or not!!). Does this sound similar to yours and do you think i should get it re-checked again?

Keep us posted.

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Hi I have a question, my dr. found a lump on my right breast and ask how long had it been there. and then she said male or female and said i'm sending you to a surgeon. and she nothing else was said about the lump. i should have ask more questions but i think i was in shock. because im only 28. so my question is why is she sending me to a surgeon, should i be concerned? if anyone can help me understand this it would be great!!!

Your doctor wants you to see the surgeon because your doctor most likely feels a surgical biopsy is needed to make the correct diagnosis. Good Luck.
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I have similar symptoms...a thickened, hard area on my left second rib just next to the sternum. It isn't painful and it doesn't move, and there's no swelling or redness. Have any of you found out what your rib lumps are from? I am going to the doctor tomorrow but remain freaked out today!
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i have also got a simular long lump accros my rib just under my left breast. i can interupt my sleepin as it feels as if im layin on something and the pressure is horrible!!!!!! I have been to docs once but i wudn let her touch it properly coz my ribs are tendor around the side! She sed it was a fatty lump! i dont kno wevva to go to another doctor to have it checked out!
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Hi. I have similar problems, but the lump and the pain feels like it is just underneath my left breast.
I went to the breast clinic, and they did a breast examination, and determined that I do not have
breast cancer. For some reason, I don't believe the doctor.
I have had this pain for many months now, and would really like to know what it is. My left breast
has one spot, on the side under my armpit where it hurts. I haven't found a lump, but when I touch
the side of my breast, i feel a hardened area, and it hurts when I push on it.

Anybody has any idea what this could be? I also get the rib pain, and back pain, and only on the left hand side, never on the right.
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Hi! I also recently discovered a lump on my rib cage just under my right breast its about the size of a dime.  I plan to  have a follow up with doctor next month because I found a lump in my left breast a couple of months ago.  I had a Mammogram and ultrasound.  They both came back okay just showing thickening in my breast but my breast tissue was really thick and hard to read.  The doctor made me feel like I shouldn't be concerned because i am 31 and no family history of breast cancer, so he discouraged me from seeing a surgeon.  Now since finding lump number two I am concerned I that  I made the wrong choice and I am freaking out!  
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I too have a lump that is growing larger and larger on my left number 5&6 ribs. It is under my left breast and is now becoming unbearable. I was just put on pain medicine and will be having a CT scan asap. Never feel intimidated by a dr about your health. It's your body and you know if something is wrong. I am beginning to feel like i have trouble taking deep breaths. I just cannot get my ribs to expand for a huge breath. I was asked if there was a history of cancer in the family . I have breast cancer on my birthmothers side. Lumps over the heart are nothing to fool around with. Take my advice and find a dr that is willing to aggressively work on you until they can find out what it is. Get a CT scan if you can. It is non-invasive and will show more than xray and not hurt. I will update as i find out what mine is. Keep fighting for your health. You only get one body and one life to be in it.
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I've had a lump on my rib, under my left breast for about 6-7 years (at least).  My doctor originally told me it was a "fatty tumor" and no need for surgery (unless it got worse).  It is not only bothering me more, but the pain is also in my back (exact spot as the front) and my skin is extremely tender and sometimes painful to touch.  I have a doctors appointment Friday, but in the meantime, has anyone experienced these symptoms?
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I didn't realise there would be so many!  I too have exactly the symptoms you are all describing.  My lump under my left breast/ribs? is getting bigger, my husband keeps saying yes it's called a rib!  But I have been in pain for months, stabbing originally lower chest and then my left side especially over the last 3 months.  When I drink (even a little I am sick - and everyone thinks Im hungover, I try to ensure I am not).  Also fobbed off with many reasons at the Doctors...sports injury la de da! However, I wouldn't mind if I played a sport! After my major second attack of excrutiating (what I presume) indigestion (after food, although Ive had one before food), a week later I went back to the GP, wrong day, wrong appointment (their mistake)... a temporary doctor said she would see me.  She had a feel, immediately all blood tests (negative) and other bowel samples - to be diagnosed with a H-Pylori bacteria.  I am now on 8 antibiotics a day for the next week. BUT I now feel that lump and pain even more and the worse thing is I keep falling asleep in the afternoon, soooo tired!  I don't think we are gettin any answers here...but it would be good if someone has a better idea than I've got (or any doctors).  Right now I am feeling terrible and uncomfortable.
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I am 25.
And just this past week I found a lump under my left breast too!
I know it was not there a month ago because I am always looking at my breasts for stuff and it was not there.

At first I thought it was a pimple - It hurt like one and I tried to squeeze it but it just stayed there and hurt. It is sore to the touch like a bruise feels when you press on it.

It is about half the size of a dime (if cut in half) and about a quarter of an inch high.

I'm mildly worried - If anyone finds out what theirs is can you let me know?!

I've been feeling a lot of vertigo and sleepy and stomach issues too. I thought it was because I got this cold thing that has been going around - but the weird exhaustion and unfocused swimmy eye feeling persists. I also have headackes - like a light one that stays all day for a week at a time. UG!
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I have just turned 40, but have had a hard lump on my right rib bone (I think) right in the crease around the base of my breast. It has been there for a number of years at least 6 or 7. I had an ultrasound on it and they questioned doing a biopsy but decided not to and just said to have it checked if there were any changes.
It is hard to tell if it changes or not. I just have noticed lately that it annoys me and is tender and seems to be bigger...hard to tell. So I went back to my doctor and she has booked me into the womens diognostic centre in Brisbane (Australia) to have an ultrasound and mammogram. I am really terrified right now. I have my appointment this Friday! I am hoping by all of the comments on here that this is a fairly common and harmless problem experienced by lots of us...I am hoping that it is just a harmless lump of some description. But with so much news of breast cancer and bone cancer you can't help but worry.
Good luck to all and I will keep you posted regarding my outcome.
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I have had this rib lump on my left side, underneath my breast now for about six months.  I believe it is getting bigger now.  In February, I had a mammogram and an ultrasound on it.  The people at the Breast Care Center told me it wasn't on my breast.  They looked at the ultrasound and said they could see it but didn't know what it was and really didn't seem concerned since it wasn't on my breast.  So many people have posted here about the same problem, but no one ever comes back to say what the doctor told them.  I always feel as though my doctor thinks I am a chronic complainer, but everyone in my family has died of cancer and I don't want ot be the next fatality.  ANyone who can post the results of their doctor's visit, would be appreciated.  
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Ok, I went to the doctor yesterday.  Although my mamm and ultrasound were clear in Feb, they said this was not on my breast.  Seemed like it to me, but, not arguing, I decided to wait.  Now, its July and I am having pains in ly armpit, also.  My family doctor DX'd me yesterday with lymphoma.  I go to a surgeon on Tuesday the 22nd.
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WOW! Glad to know I'm not the only one. 27 year old male. I noticed a lump on my rib on the rightside. A little worried. Of course a million different causes run through your mind. It doesn't hurt and seems stationary on the rib. I have a doctors appt. on Wednesday to check it out. I will write back when I find out what the problem is, so some of us can get some kind of answer...
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I'm a 28 years of age. I also have the lump on my left side rib. It started about a year and half ago. it hurt in that spot and the lump got bigger and bigger. Now it is about the size of my hand. it is very painful to lay on. It is like I'm laying on a ball and I also can't drink anymore w/out getting sick for a couple days. I have gone to the doc and got alot of tests and blood work done and they said it was nothing but inflamed fatty tissue.
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well.....not to sound the same but it seems we all have the same thing in common. I am 33 F and found the same lump under my Left Breast on the Ribs. The first time I felt like it was one of those nasty stiches in my side that you get when you cannot take a deep breath. Then when it did not go away for hours I thought I need to see my Dr.  well he said the same as what most of you have heard. It is a pulled muscle. But to me it is getting bigger and more annoying than anything. I feel it all the time when I put on a bra and when I lay on my stomach. I am getting worried because I know it should not be there. Has anyone heard a real diagnosis from their Dr. or are we all just sitting and waiting...... I to will be making an appointment to see him again JUST to make sure I don't have anything to worry about. Thanks for the info I do feel better knowing I am not alone.
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Wow Deja Vu same symptom same feelings with the exception that I have a burning sensation not like heartburn.  I am going Monday to the Dr.  So far no one has come and said it was cancer and to be more vigilant with the Doctors so I guess for me it is a waiting game also.
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i too found a lump in between my breasts and under my left breast a definite ridge. for at least two weeks when i lay on my front etc i was noticeable more uncomfortable. went to the doctor who felt the lump and the ridge under my breast and asked me to come back. went back yesterday and the lump was hormone related but i am still very sore in between and below breasts. she has now diagnosed me as having inflammed muscles between my ribs. but i very tired all the time and dealing with a sore back. it's hard not to think it's something more.
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This is all very interesting. I have had a hard, round, slightly moveable lump under my left breast for about a year. I first noticed it when I was at work and had a stabbing pain in my side. I felt around and found the lump (about the size of a nickle then). I can feel the lump, but can only barely see it if I stretch out. Only feel it when I'm standing up, sorta slips between my ribs when i lay down. It worried me, I saw the Dr. she said "pulled muscle". I knew it wasn't. Saw another dr. "lipoma" (but those are soft and not generally painful). Now, its been several months and I somewhat ignored the lump since it wasn't bothering me. For the past week or so my left shoulder has hurt and I had muscle spasms, the lump hurts severely! I can't sleep at night, it hurts mostly in the evening and in the morning. During the daytime I can handle it. Also, the pain radiates to my back and burns! Its like a stabbing, burning, pain. Now the lump is the size of a quarter. It hurts when I touch it, I tried applying heat....bad choice; hurts worse. The area over the lump is warm to the touch. I tried cold treatment...no help. Ibuprofen doesn't help the pain. I'm 24 years old, generally active, but now I can barely move without pain. Dr's don't believe me. I can't live in pain all of the time, and I know something is not right. If anyone finds an answer....please let us know! I'm making an appointment with a new dr. asap, but I'm sorta skeptical.
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I hope some of you have found answers to what's going on with you. And if you have please come back and let us know what you found out.

I too have a lump that I've recently found but its above my breast and closer to the center of my chest. Definitely feels like its on my rib - hurts to the touch and like someone else said, it actually feels like the pain extends to my back. I have shortness of breath - easy tasks now make me out of breath. Bizarre.  

I saw above that someone was diagnosed with Lymphoma from having the lump on the rib - has this happened to anyone else?
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