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Large lumps in both breasts for 20+ years

I’m 31F with DDD/E size breasts. I got boobs very early in life, like 8/9. At about 10/11 (as early as I remember) I felt large identical feeling lumps in BOTH boobs. Over the years and as my boobs have grown, these lumps have always been present and rather large (they feel like half a hockey puck in both boobs). They don’t hurt or bother me. They fluctuate in size briefly during the week of my period but other than that I’ve had them 20 years or so and no pain or issues. They are actually lumps and not just the breast density changing as I am able to grab them and move them around. I have a fear of doctors and I have been/still am too scared to go get them checked out but would like opinions/comments. TIA.
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You really should see a doctor. It could be cancer, could be cysts.
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If the half hockey pucks are at the bottom front of each breast, there is a smooth ridge there in many women's breasts. It doesn't feel like bone, more like cartilage. From another website -- "Often there's a ridge of fat at the bottom of the breast—the inframammary ridge. This ridge is perfectly normal, and is the result of the fact that we walk upright and our breasts fold over themselves."

There are also many kinds of breast lumps that are benign. The fact that yours have never changed makes them sound like one of those two categories (the smooth-ridge thing or the non-cancerous kind of lump.)

If you really had cancer, being frozen with fear would just give it more time to grow, when cancer (of all illnesses) is one where treating it sooner is much better than later. And if you don't have it, having worry as constant companion is for no reason, and is probably pretty crummy for your health since stress causes cortisol to raise, and that's no fun for the body in other ways. If someone else kept you from getting medical analysis about an issue, that's such a human rights violation that it is considered illegal in a lot of states. Don't do it to yourself. Go get the answer.
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Hi. First. I want to mention something really serious. I also have a lot of fear of health and doctors. Why, I don't know. BUT, we have to get over that. We need to stay on top of our health. I found a primary care doctor that I know and trust and told her I was anxious She understood and has taken good care of me in a gentle way. As you get older, this is really more and more important. My insurance requires me to have a physical annually and blood work and IF I skip? It's a big financial charge that makes my husband grumpy. I do it. Now? I'm glad as I'm in the habit. My health has changed as I've gotten older and it's really more and more important to monitor things so you can stop anything negative health wise or catch anything early. That is my plea to you to not allow fear to stop you from proper care. A gynecological appointment is in order for you. These doctors are usually particularly kind, I've found. I had to find a new one and got a recommendation of my friend. Love this doctor. You need a breast exam and a pelvic exam if you haven't had one. (have you had kids yet?)

As to your lumps. I would not be overly worried. They have been there a long time (not new) and indicate that you just have lumpy breasts. Some women just do. Since they have been there since childhood, very unlikely to be anything to worry about. Changes would be more concerning. But a doctor can explain that to you. I did have a sizable lump (bigger than a golf ball) and it was a cyst. These are quite common as well. Harmless.

So, get checked out. But I would not worry.
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Thank you so much for your reply! I don't know why I have a fear, but yes I regularly get pap/pelvics and everything is fine. I haven't gotten bloodwork since 2020 but go to the endocrinologist for cysts on my thyroid and they do bloodwork and other routine checks. I have migraines as well and have been to the neuro a bunch. It's mostly my breasts that I'm scared to talk to a doctor about. I do not have kids yet but am thinking about it in the next year or so.
You know. sometimes what we fear we avoid and the way to get over it is just to take a deep breath and face it. :>)  I had my first mammogram at 40. I was really nervous. Guess what? I got a result that required a biopsy. Scared me so much. I had some calcifications that were not cancer but very suspicious. I got mammograms every six months for two years. Then I just got more and more anxious and waited . . . 10 years to get another one. My doctor was like . . . do we need to give you a xanax to do this? lol. It was like facing a pit of snakes to me. But I took a deep breath and scheduled it. Once I did that . . . I actually felt better. Then the day before and day of the mammogram, I was nervous to say the least. I forced myself to go. Told them of my anxiety. They were SO kind. And the mammo revealed nothing of suspicion. It was the most uplifting, empowering feeling to face that fear!  So, I encourage you to just make the appointment. Just in a moment of feeling strong, call. Make a list of doctors to have. Put in your planner or whatever. And I promise, in the next couple of days after that (or maybe even when you are making the list of potential people to call), you will feel like "I can do this" and just DO IT. You will not regret it and will feel better after. :>)  And having kids is a time in which you see doctors ALL THE TIME. There is no part of your health that is private. So, this is a good step toward that. If you have anxiety, that's also treatable. I am not quite that level as I can manage it and function and do what I need to do. I just don't always feel great and sometimes there is a lag time in facing something I would rather NOT do because of anxiety, but I have found that leaning INTO it and just doing it really ultimately makes me feel so much better. :>)  Let me know when you make the appointment!
I just got home from the doctor - I finally made the appointment :) - she said it felt okay and gave me an ultrasound script to go and get myself peace of mind but that I can just have lumpy/fibrocystic/dense breasts and it seems okay - thank you so much for your kind words and support!!
I'm glad you're going to get the ultrasound, and also a mammogram? Anyway, that your breasts seem OK to a doctor who doubtless has seen more breasts than most, is great.

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