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Long/Irregular menstruation of 18 days - Normal?

I am 30 years old, 5'4'' and 130 lbs  - healthy and married

This last year and a half my periods range from 11 days to 18 days long.
The flow is NOT heavy but rather light to normal.
The cycle is irregular.
The cramps are not that bad

My pap a week ago was normal. My MD said my cycle is more of an annoyance than a physical problem. Could he be right?

This is a basic break down of my flow.

brown moderate spotting for 6 days
normal bleeding for 4 days
brown light spotting for 5 days

The space between periods not predictable....but basically I am LUCKY if I have a full 2 weeks off of bleeding/spotting. Although not always.

Needless to say, our sex life is pretty sad.

It seems as though my uterus just does not remember how to release blood the way it used to.

Here are my questions.
Can I have this kind of flow, and everything be normal?
If it's not normal, would my progesterone possibly be low?
Are there any natural remedy's (I hate the pill)
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Well that's great news your pap was normal.  There seem to be a lot of women on here who have problems as you've had and have resorted to using a form of birth control, but like you said you hate the pill.  I've not heard of any natural remedies for regulating periods.  Yes you can have this sort of flow and have everything be normal, but bleeding for two weeks out of the month has got to be just plain frustrating.  Have you considered getting a second opinion?  I wish you luck :)
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Thanks for your response.

I hate the pill because I don't like the idea of the possibility of blood clots from the estrogen. :( Just the possibility is more than I am comfortable with.

BUT, you are right, I am bleeding/spotting more often than I am not....WAY frustrating.

I am going to ask my MD for a referral to a gynecologist. At least I can find out for sure if this is normal, or if there is something hindering/altering my bleeding,   This last period was 18 stinking days. LOL I miss wearing all of my "cute" underwear!

Thanks for the feedback
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You're welcome, please let us know how it goes :)
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